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My Move to Micanopy - A Whole New Chapter!

In 2021, I moved to Micanopy, which is the oldest inland city in Florida.  Life is much slower here and you get to know and rely on the locals for information, maintenance, and repairs.  I've met some really nice people here.

I spent many months painting every room of my house.  It’s a form of meditation for me, and I thoroughly enjoy the process of transforming a room’s energy with new paint.  Two of the best transformation projects were my guest suite and cabin, which I offer to my clients and friends when they visit.

While working on chores around my home I was able to catch up on my reading.  With Audible, I listened to 15 books, many of which were over 50 hours long!  This included, of course, The Discourse by Jill Cole and Alba Weinman.  Books allow me to fire up my imagination and travel, meet new people, and learn about things I've never pondered.

In 2022, I began in-person hypnosis sessions in my home, and it gave me great joy to be in the physical company of my clients again.  Since 2020, I had been facilitating sessions online with clients worldwide, but I missed that heart-to-heart connection.  I now also offer my PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation sessions, which can be done before a session or booked on days I don’t do hypnosis.

Once the weather got warmer, I held two Group Regressions in Nature which included channeling sessions.  Now that autumn and cooler weather is around the corner, I’ve scheduled my first two full day “Rejuvenate Your Soul in Nature” Workshops. These gatherings are a great opportunity to meet others who are on the spiritual path and take part in activities, group hypnosis and meditation.  All of this is done outdoors under ancient oak trees with my special “Silent Sound” headsets that transmit everything I’m saying to anywhere on my property.  It is a magical experience to be under the canopy of their powerful energies.  I hope you will come and experience this an in-person hypnosis session or event.

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