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LIVE - Seven-Day Introspective Hypnosis Course / Retreat - Marriottsville, MD - Alba Weinman & Antonio Sangio MAY 2023

LIVE - Seven-Day Introspective Hypnosis Course / Retreat - Marriottsville, MD - Alba Weinman & Antonio Sangio MAY 2023
If you’ve been considering learning hypnosis or learning new techniques to add to your existing hypnosis practice, come join us for 7 days and 6 nights at  Bon Secours Retreat & Conference Center located just minutes away from Baltimore and Washington DC
Class: MAY 29 - JUN 4  (full attendance is mandatory)
From  MAY 29 at 3pm  to JUN 4 at 5pm
Evening activities:  To be announced during the week
This is not the usual Introspective Hypnosis course. During these seven days you will not only learn techniques and have the opportunity to practice them, but you will watch live hypnosis sessions with volunteers, facilitated by  Antonio Sangio, as well as participate in group regressions and meditations after dinner.
What is Introspective Hypnosis?

Introspective Hypnosis is a method that combines several techniques such as forgiveness therapy, role change, Ericksonian hypnosis, past life regression and spirit assistance, also known as spirit releasement.

Introspective hypnosis helps people journey in search of the origin of any psychosomatic symptom, such as pain, sadness, depression, fears, phobias, relationship issues, addictions, etc.

The human body can act as a big repository of repressed emotions. The conscious mind can remove any event or experience that might overload us, as a form of protection. It stores that event in the subconscious mind until we are ready to deal with it. We unknowingly put these repressed emotions “on hold” due to societal concerns, issues in our daily lives, belief systems, religion, or for other reasons. When ignored for a period of time, these issues can manifest as tension in different parts of the body, pain, headaches, cancer, tumors or other symptoms.

It is the objective of Introspective Hypnosis to look for those pending issues that might have originated either in this life or in a past one. You can say it is a form of quantum healing.

Other symptoms can be caused by spirit attachments. Introspective Hypnosis was not only created to help incarnated spirits, it was also created to help disembodied ones; the ones that are lost, confused, or that might have pending issues with the host. Our mission is to help them by treating them with love, respect and affection, by working with them on forgiveness and assisting them to the light to help continue their evolution.

Once the spirit leaves, any symptom, thoughts or behavior transmitted to the host will be gone with them allowing almost immediate relief.

Why is Introspective Hypnosis different than other regression techniques?

Introspective Hypnosis tries to focus on events or issues that originated in the current lifetime. If the origin is not found in the present life, then we ask the subconscious to take us to a past life to the time when it originated.

This method is very flexible, based on the principle that each person is unique. It can easily be adapted to the requirements of each client and each session, in order to look for the most positive outcome.

What is included?
• Lodging – private room featuring one queen bed (towels and linens included) and a private bath and Internet access and hairdryers (no TV’s or phones) - check-in time is 3:00 p.m., check-out time is 11:00 a.m. – luggage storage is available
Day 1
• Dinner buffet (arrival night) served at 6pm (an entrée, side dish, vegetable, salad bar, fresh fruit, dessert and beverages)
Day 2- 6
o Hot breakfast buffet served at 8am (entrée, fresh fruit, yogurt, assorted juices and beverages)
o Lunch buffet served at noon (an entrée, side dish, vegetable, deli selection, fresh fruit, salad bar, dessert and beverages)
o Dinner buffet served at 6pm (entrée, side dish, vegetable, fresh fruit, salad bar and beverages) upgraded menu items available at additional cost.
Day 7
• Hot breakfast buffet served at 8am and lunch buffet served at noon

*** Hospitality Rooms available through the day that includes, bowl of fresh fruit, coffee, tea, water cooler.
Refund Policy
A student who withdraws from the course 90 days prior to the course start date, will be refunded any monies paid less 50% of the deposit.
If a student withdraws 90 to 30 days prior to the course start date, they will be refunded any monies minus their deposit.
If a student withdraws 30 days or later prior to the course start date, no monies will be refunded but can use up to $1650 towards a future course.


Event Properties

Event Date 05-29-2023
Individual Price $2,750.00
Location Bon Secours Retreat & Conference Center

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