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LIVE - Six-Day Introspective Hypnosis Course / Retreat - in The Netherlands - Alba Weinman & Antonio Sangio OCT 2023

LIVE - Six-Day Introspective Hypnosis Course / Retreat - in The Netherlands - Alba Weinman & Antonio Sangio OCT 2023
If you’ve been considering learning hypnosis or learning new techniques to add to your existing hypnosis practice, come join us for 6 days and 5 nights at  Samaya Conferentiecentrum, Werkhoven - Netherlands
Class: OCT 15 - 9  (full attendance is mandatory)
From  OCT 15 at 9 am to OCT 20 at 5pm
Evening activities:  To be announced during the week
This is not the usual Introspective Hypnosis course. During these six days you will not only learn techniques and have the opportunity to practice them, but you will watch live hypnosis sessions with volunteers, facilitated by  Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman, as well as participate in group regressions and meditations after dinner with Alba Weinman.  
You can read more about this technique in Antonio Sangio's books:
***Includes accommodations and meals***
Single room $2750 USD, shared room $2650 USD
What is included?
Accommodations and meals:
• Welcome with coffee/tea and sweets
• Unlimited coffee / tea and sweets
• 5 x breakfast buffet
• 6 x an organic vegetarian lunch buffet with soup and salad, various types of bread, various cheeses and a choice of savory and sweet toppings
• 5 x an extensive organic vegetarian 2-course dinner consisting of five different dishes and a dessert
• 5 x lodging (single or shared room)
Course Details

• Introduction
• Brief history of hypnosis
• Understanding the human brain and mind
    o Brain hemispheres
    o States of the mind
• Introspective Hypnosis
    o Techniques in includes
    o Other tools used
    o The structure of an IH session
• The interview
    o The purpose of the interview
    o Building rapport with our clients
    o How to input suggestions
    o Key points to remember during the interview
    o The form
    o Information we should get from the client.
    o Phrases and mandates
    o Detecting patterns

• The interview
    o Sample interviews
    o Practice
• The pre-hypnotic talk
• Inductions
    o The conscious and subconscious mind
    o Types of inductions
    o Level 1 inductions
    o Level 2 inductions
    o Level 3 inductions
• Suggestibility tests
• The hypnotic language

• Navigating memories
• Perception and traumas
• Understanding how memories are recorded in the mind
• Addressing client’s resistance during a session
• Role change
• Communication with deceased loved ones

• How to use stories and metaphors
• Fragmentation and recovery of the soul
• How to deal with rape and molestation
• Regression to the womb
• Forgiveness therapy
• Practice

• Finding the root cause of psychosomatic symptoms
• Understanding time
• Soul entrapment
• Past life regression
    o How to navigate it
    o Asking the right questions
    o Situations we might encounter
    o How to evaluate a past life
• Working with lost souls
    o Types of lost souls
    o How to detect them
    o Helping them go to the light
    o Reasons for the attachments
    o Symptoms they can cause
    o People susceptible to attachments
    o Testing spirits
• Bringing the client out of a trance correctly
    o Disconnection
    o Post hypnotic suggestion

• Questions and answers
• Demo sessions
• Practice sessions

Payment Schedule
If you registered with a $500 partial deposit, an additional payment of $500 should be made no later than April 30th.
The remaining balance should be paid no later than August 31st.
Refund Policy
A student who withdraws from the course 90 days prior to the course start date, will be refunded any monies paid less 50% of the deposit.
If a student withdraws 90 to 30 days prior to the course start date, they will be refunded any monies minus their deposit.
If a student withdraws 30 days or later prior to the course start date, no monies will be refunded but can use up to $1650 towards a future online course.

Event Properties

Event Date 10-15-2023 9:00 am
Individual Price Select Room for price
Location Conferentiecentrum Samaya

Venue Information - Conferentiecentrum Samaya

Conferentiecentrum Samaya
Hollendewagenweg 20, 3985 SG Werkhoven


By train it is 45 minutes and it is a direct connection from Schiphol to train station Driebergen-Zeist and costs are € 11,40.

Phone: +31 (0)343 55 23 32 Email:  info@samaya.nl

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