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What's the difference between QHHT® and Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness™ session?

The Pre-Talk interview: 

In a QHHT session, the practitioner is encouraged to spend several hours talking with the client about their life. Information is asked about their family history and the practitioner obtains the names of the important peoples in their client’s life. They review the questions brought to the session to ask the “Subconscious” (Higher Self) during the session.  

Alba Weinman spends approximately 45 - 60 minutes going over the family history, issues and symptoms experienced by her clients.  This sets the intention and guideline for the session.  Most of the time, she coaches her clients during the interview. She explains what will be done during the session and provides a video to explain her process.

The Hypnosis Session:

In a QHHT session, the practitioner uses a script that was developed by Dolores Cannon to induce hypnosis, take the client through past lives and call in the “Subconscious” (Higher Self) to answer all the questions, and to take the client out of hypnosis.  QHHT focuses on going to past lives and requesting all of the answers and work from their "Subconscious".  The practitioner cannot use other methods during a QHHT session nor do sessions online.  (Spirits and attached entities are never addressed) If a client cannot be induced, another person can act as a surrogate to access that person’s Higher Self. The QHHT practitioner cannot touch the client nor do therapy as they are hypnotists, not hypnotherapists (unless they have been certified by a hypnotherapy school).   A QHHT session can run up to 6 to 8 hours.

Alba Weinman is a certified clinical and Transpersonal hypnotherapist trained with TVP (Terapia Vidas Pasadas) skills not taught to QHHT practitioners or most hypnotherapists.  Since some people are not visual and cannot use their imagination to follow a visual script as in QHHT, she uses a variety of inductions (verbal and non-verbal) to induce a hypnotic trance. The session is done without scripts. The client may or may not go to a past life to address the issues brought by the client.  She uses her skills, intuition, guiding voice, the vibration of tuning forks, and her hands and own magnetic energy during live session to release blocked emotions. During Alba's sessions, she may encounter entities, thought forms or other blockages and works with her clients to release them. Issues with spirits, family members and friends are addressed.  Hypnotherapy is used to focus on the person's symptoms to find the origin of the person’s traumas and phobias, however, those techniques are not shown on YouTube. The client's soul is engaged and depending on the client’s belief system, Archangels, ascended masters, gurus, prophets and God (Source Creator) can be called on to empower the client during the session.  The focus of Alba’s session is healing the soul of traumas, forgiveness and love and a session can run from 2 to 4 hours.


Alba Weinman records all her sessions and the audio and video recording is sent to her clients for their personal use (not for posting). Since most of her sessions are therapy sessions and are private, these are not posted on YouTube.  Also, if the sessions are posted, any names or private information; including hypnotherapy techniques are edited out.  Clients with high profile occupations are automatically excluded from being posted on YouTube (Doctors, Teachers, Ministers, Celebrities, Government or Military personnel, etc.). 

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