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Video 289 Alba Weinman - Whale Heart

In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness ™ hypnosis session, this client connects with energetic intelligence that shifts her energy. She sees the lifting of the veil as a light is activated within all of us to change us from within. She also connects with the whales to bring forth a message.

Session 289 Transcript –Whale Heart

Transcript by Rachel WhaleHeart Yung

Look deep into your heart. Tell me what you are feeling and where you are?

It’s like I am going through a doorway

Describe this doorway for me

I don’t see it…I just feel it

Alright…Feel yourself as you go through this doorway. What’s on the other side?

It feels light

Tell me more

I feel that my body is here

I like you continue going through that doorway. Allow your body to stay here and follow that doorway. Where are you? As you breath, you calm down even more. Every breath you take allows you to calm. Feel the peace

I cannot express yet…I just know that I have to bypass this part

As you’re bypassing this part, I would like you to focus on the consciousness that’s going through that door…

I see something like a wormhole. It’s swirling…

So, you can stop that swirling, or you can slow it down. You have the ability to use your mind, to control it. Allow yourself to find a very comfortable pace to pace to go through. Feel the peace of it. Allow yourself to go through it very calmly and tell me what you experiencing? What’s there?

Just peace

I like for you to enjoy this peace and as you look around, where are you? What is this peaceful place? What do you see in your mind’s eye?

It’s coming closer, I just cannot see clear what it is

Feel it

It feels very powerful, I’m not afraid, it’s just a reaction. It’s coming closer and closer, like it’s putting a helmet over me

I like for you to reach out with your mind and just ask what is this? What is this means that’s coming towards you?

They are saying that they are my guidance

I would like you to ask now…What kind of guidance is coming to you today

They want to come through my system

They want to do something to your system?

It’s coming through very slowly

Alright…Do you accept this from your guides?

It feels okay. It’s powerful and it’s neutral and it’s fluid

So, I would like for you to go along with this guidance and see what it is they are doing to your body. What are they doing to your body?

It’s like, it’s working its energy through me

As it’s working its energy through you, I would like for you to ask your guides, what is this, that this energy is doing to your body

It’s reorganizing…

It’s reorganizing your body…very good

This will calm down later on, it’s just now…. I am not use to this

Just take a deep breath in and center yourself, allow it to just flow. Use your breath, taking a deep breath in slowly and allow the flow of energy to go through your body. That’s right, very slowly, taking a deep breath in and go ahead and breath. Don’t forget t breath… Tell me what’s happening now?

I recognize this, it happened to me before. It’s just finding its way to get into my cells. It’s all okay

So, as it goes through your body, just allow yourself to breath very slowly and mindfully. Just allow the flow…Taking a deep breath in…deep breath in

I feel every movement in every single part of my being

I like for you to focus on this energy that’s going through your body and let’s try to identify what it is. What is it doing to your body? I would like you to go into the miracular level. Go deep inside your body and let’s visualize what it is that this energy is doing to your cells. What is it doing to your cells? Focus and tell me what’s its doing?

It’s calming my system down. My body is not use to this kind of frequency. It just has to adjust…It’s adjusting… We are almost there

Focus on your breath, slow it down. That’s right, slow it down, very good

They are saying that I am beautiful

Beautiful inside now

They are very grateful

I would like for you to ask your guides, who are they? Who are they that are putting this energy inside?

It’s another part of me

Another part of you. Then why have they chosen at this time to do this to your body?

They try to come in long time ago

And what happened?

It seems like I tried to stop them

And what about now, why now at this time? Why is it that Rachel is ready now?

Because she’s not afraid. She’s not afraid anymore

What is it that she was afraid of before?

That she can see us and feel us

What do you look like?

They are just White Light

White light…Beautiful

Pure White Light and they can shift

I would like for you to identify yourself even more so that Rachel can understand what was the agreement that you made with her about this energy? Would you be willing to take her at this time when she agreed to have this energy in her body?

She is going to like what she’s going to see

Very good. I like for you to begin to take her…I’m going to count from five back to one. When I get to number one, I like for you to go to that place when you made that agreement to have this energy

She sees it…she sees it…

Very good. Let’s make it even clear five, make it even clear four, three, two and one. See it now. Where are you?

I just see different colors of light and they are bright, it’s blue and it’s shiny and around it it is a circle of light and it talks to you, it breaths…It looks like…I don’t see humans

What do you see? Just light?

It’s this kind of shape, next to it is a red color and then you see purple color. But is’t all very shiny. They call themselves the Intelligence of the Intelligence

The intelligence of the Intelligence. As you are viewing this, what do you look like? Look at your own “consciousness” as you are aware What do you look like? Are you one of them?

It’s me

What type of form do you take when you are in this place?

It looks solid, but its not a solid form Like I said, it’s round, it looks like I’m in some kind of cocoon

What color is this cocoon?

It’s white but light… light white…foggy white

Let’s find out a little bit more about this intelligence. I would like for you to connect with them and let’s find out what role do you play with them? What is your purpose? Connect with them now, mind to mind and lets receive the information. What is your responsibility in role?

Eye opener…open eyes…Eyes open

Whose eyes do you open?

First, it’s my own …our own eyes

Tell me more. Connect mind to mind and let’s find out what your role is on Earth at this time? What is the entity?

They are showing me images…I’m seeing images. It’s like I am looking in the Earth and then I see all these people and you feel like you are some kind of Goddess. You are just there and then you are looking down. You see all these human beings…

What do you do with these humans?

I’m just watching on a distance and I see people walking. Lots of people walking outside and I see the buildings. You see the forest, you see oceans. I’m going to go closer

Get closer and see

The way when I go down, you feel this vibration is becoming tense, very tense.

How does that feel to you?

It’s very tense. It feels like the Earth …It’s not right…it just doesn’t feel right and the sky, it feels so light and then you go below, it’s so dense. But the people didn’t know, they are just walking like robots. But the space itself. It’s like a dark cloud over them, but they are in it.

And why have you chosen to come down to Earth? Why did you choose to come into such dense place?

It’s lifting open. It’s to lift the veil and it’s like it’s happening now

What special powers do you have to lift this veil?

It doesn’t seem like it’s power, it’s not even power

What is that?

It just there

When you come down, the veil is lifting?

Yes, it’s giving me air to breath

Very good. So, while you are lifting this veil you can see things a lot clearly. Things will come to your mind where you’ll understand why you are here. Why is this entity named Rachel on Earth at this time?

Her name is not Rachel. It’s the sounds that she carries in Rachel

Tell me about those sounds please?

The sounds when they use her name Rachel, it sounds like music to her ears

Tell me more about this music?

When she breaths through it, it opens her space. She’s becoming ONE now

Alright…So let’s begin to move that through her body. What is she becoming?

She is becoming ONE with the Universe. She’s becoming Light, there’s no more density. Now I can see clear. She saw the same images before but the clouds is gone. The dark cloud is gone.

Very good

It’s like the people on Earth …They look like Angels now. They become Light and they are all Angels, but they don’t see it

What cause that transformation to happen?

There are Beings from another dimension… is making them blind. That’s why they put this kind of fog…It’s very thin. It’s not that thick and the people below, they don’t know it’s there. When you see this veil, it’s not moving, it’s just there…solid. And sometimes it “sprays” on to them. So, moments they’ll feel lifted the human beings and other moments they will feel dull. I’m feeling it. But what I do see. The moment when it’s not “down” the energy. The people can go through it easily. It’s like the veil is less powerful, it’s opening up. So those who are controlling us, who’s trying to control, they have lesser power because the humans are raising themselves and they look white, they are “Angels”. Most people are not doing it consciously, but they are doing it. So that’s the beauty of it. I cannot call it the power anymore because it’s not because we are more powerful than “They” are. If you call it a battle, “They” are losing the battle.

They are…very good

Because what’s happening now. The Earth is becoming brighter and brighter and the people will become naturally bright and don’t have to do anything for it. They don’t have to do anything. It’s going to happen naturally. When we are operating in open field, we will operate more and more. It will intensify just like that and the people will…

What do you see now?

I don’t know

What do you feel now?

I’m shifting

Let’s find out what this shift is taking you to. What is this shift about now? Who is trying to communicate with you? Do you have a message today? What is this message you’re trying to tell? Go ahead and let them in. Sing it out, sing it out. You can let it out. You can do it. Express yourself. Who are you? I am going to go ahead and snap my finger and when I do you will be able to let it out. What message do you have? What is it that you are trying to express? Use my language please, I don’t understand your language. Use your vocal cords and express yourself in my language. What are you trying to tell us today?

All is well

Can you tell me who you are please? Who are I am speaking with?


Salomon, can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Who are you?

It took me a whole to get through

It did took you a while to get through. Why so much resistance Salomon? Why did it take you so long? She heard your name this morning, were you trying to communicate with her?

It’s time for her to assist. She’ll have the help from many. Many will assist.

What kind of assistance are we speaking about Salomon?

We are here to bring more LIGHT. LIGHT that have never been seen before

What is this Light all about?

It will lift the World. It will lift the whole Universe

Will everyone feel this Light? This lifting?

They will just know. It’s already here. It’s already activated and it’s spreading through our planet inside the atmosphere…

Are some people already feeling this Light?

Yes… they are, they know it. They just cannot express it, but they know it

What do you feel when you are hit by this Light?

I’m trying to look for the right word because it’s…I can’t express it, it’s just there. You feel it as a Energy and it stays there

Is it more of a knowing Salomon? This energy?

No, it’s more than that. The best word I can express it is more MAGICAL

Magical, you feel Magical?

It feels Magical. Yes, and it’s here and we can play

What will we be playing with?

With this Magical Energy. Yes, you can play with this Magical Energy

Can you manifest things with it?

Yes, you can, and Rachel knows that, she just doesn’t know how. She’s been asking this question a while ago and now it’s coming through

She knows there’s a shift in her body?


What’s happening with her body?

It’s coming through het system and then she will know what to do



Are you a guide of her?

I’m her

You’re her Higher Self?

I’m her


I’ve always been her all the time

So why has it been so difficult for her to express You?

Because her body was not ready. She had to make a lot of clearing with everything, with her digesting, her food, the way she thinks…

She’s going through a shift Now?

Yes, and she knows it’s okay

What is going on with her connection with the whales and the dolphins?

They carry this frequency, that’s why they come through her with sounds

Is she connected?

All the time. We all are. Because how she vibrates the sounds helps the Earth to shift and it’s also magical. She doesn’t know that and now she knows it’s Magical

So, the vibrations the whales and the dolphins have are vibrations that shifts our energy?


Has she ever been a dolphin or a whale?

She always has been one

Is it that’s why she’s was called by them?

Yes, but she always doubted us, she never believed it so strongly

Is that why the dolphins asked her for a meeting? Where they download information?

Yes, she’s seeing them again

She’s seeing them again?

Now…Yes, she sees them now

What do they have to tell her?

She see’s her energy being literally went down

Salomon, what did the dolphins give her in that water? What information did they give her?

They lifted my frequency

They lifted the frequency, very good

Yes, because she’s swirling

She’s swirling, is she swirling like a dolphin?

The frequency is vibrating like this and it’s swirling, the energy is swirling, it’s swirling. That’s why she didn’t feel so well the day after when it happened. It’s not information. It’s just frequency

It’s just frequency. Did they just lifted her vibration? Her frequency?


Did that affect all of her chakras?

She doesn’t have any

She doesn’t have any? Okay. Is she a totally different type of Being?

She’s not Rachel

She’s not Rachel. What is she?

She’s Us

Tell me more

We are… Nobody has heard of us before

Tell me more, who are you?

We always watch from a distance. We watch everything that has happened. We see everything, we know everything. There is galaxies, galaxies and galaxies. Most people don’t know about this, they don’t have the access to it yet. But it’s coming down, it’s coming through for the humans too. It’s happening right Now

So, this is an important time, isn’t it?

Very important time. That’s why the people will know they will shift. They won’t have to do anything about it, don’t have to meditate, they don’t have to heal themselves. They will heal. Because the energy is there. It’s just there. They just have to ask now. They just have to do one small thing is to FEEL the FREQUENCY!

Do we have to ask for this frequency?

You can ask but it’s there

Okay, for those that want to receive this energy faster

It will just come in, it will just literally come in and their system will shale a little bit. It’s the cells…In their case, because not many people are prepared for what Rachel is going through now. It will feel more softly. They will notice it in their frequency inside their cells. It will feel vibrating very slowly and, in their case, and every day it will expand and expand until their body gets use to it. And then they will start to change naturally in the way they speak, and they will also change naturally their diet when they are ready because it will just happen, cause the cells tell them to. Because the cells are the brain, the heart is not the brain. The brain is your cells, it’s your whole Being and every cells communicate with you, it tells you things and you start to listen. Your Being tells you inside, cause very molecule, every cell is so important. It will direct you in… details. So, it won’t be that you sense some things or like, I have to do this. You will just do, and you know that you are going to do the right thing.

How do we know when we will be shifted?

You will feel it, you will feel it in your cells, you’ll know

You’ll know that you have changed?

For many it will not be in an instant, but it will…light. It starts through the heart, the heart will vibrate, the energetic heart, you will feel it shaking like my hand is moving now. It’s like sparkles of light. It’s more like Tinkerbelle is using the magic wand. You feel the wand is sparkling and that’s the feeling they will feel. And the rest will come naturally by itself.

Now a lot of people have felt that their body is changing, their blood pressure is changing, and they all go to the doctor because they feel something is wrong. What do you say about that?

We don’t need doctors anymore, everybody can heal themselves and they will heal, they will heal!

The cells will know?

Yes and no “Force” can stop them

For many people this is way beyond their imaginary thinking. It will take time for many

And for those who hear this and wonder, can I be healed?

Oh yes, they just have to put their intention into it. Those who receives this frequency is already automatic in them, it’s already happening. It is happening, and they will feel happy, they will smile

They will see the changes happening?


Can you tell me about intention? How important is that?

They have to believe, they just have to belief and everything that they want, they can accomplish. And sometimes you don’t even have to think about it

It just happens

It will come naturally by itself and you can be worried and worried but eventually the energy bypasses the worryness. So, you can worry how much as you want. It doesn’t matter anyway because you will be shifting and you’re going to create what you create

For example, in the life of Rachel. She’s going through a lot of changes right now, with her partner, with her living conditions, with her career. Can you tell Rachel a little bit about what’s going on in her own life? Why is all of this is shifting?

She knows why. She’s feeling the why, she see’s it now. The why is not important anymore

Well she questions why she’s experiencing financial difficulty. Why would people who are “Magical” experience this?

She worries like everybody else and she will see, how much you worry, used to be in the past, when you worry, you cannot create. Because you’re blocking your point of view. Now, what is worryness? This energy overwrites your worryness. It will come once in a whole by everybody. It shifts, but just always know, what comes through will change. It always goes for the best and abundance will flow for everybody. It’s not just for her, it’s for everybody, the whole World…

But in this world that we live in right now, is based on money, it’s based on jobs

Yes indeed

It’s based on paying bills and many worry about how are they going to survive?

When they shift their energy field, they can still work but it’s going to be different. They are going to love doing their work and the things that they don’t want to do, they will stop immediately, and they will dare to take their challenge. Many people are based on Fear and the moment they know. They have to know, they have to Feel. The flow of Energy inside them. They will bypass their worryness. They will work, there’s money, but it’s different. It’s going to be just different. They won’t be complaining anymore

So, will it be more like playing?

They will love life, like children do. The children play, we as adults are so conditioned. That we only use a small part of our brain and that’s what making them also ‘ill”, because it gets too full, it’s too overloaded. There is no space. So, the moment it shifts through their cells, they become childlike. You see the World… as a Fairytale and you can actually play in it, and the World is still there but you see. But you don’t see it the way you saw it before. It’s Lighter

So, life will be fun?

Yes, very fun. Everybody is going to love each other, wants to kiss each other, hug each other. They want this so badly. But nobody dares to say it out so loud. Most people are afraid to show or to express their love. Even Rachel doesn’t express her love all the time

What would you like to tell her about that?

She’s afraid of bring judge by people. She thinks she bypassed it, but she did not. We have to laugh about this, it’s really funny

So, she thinks she has already conquered this but is still afraid of judgement?

Not anymore

When did that shift shifted?

Just NOW. Everything is NOW

Can you tell me more about the whales? It seems to be a big part of her life

They will assist her through sounds, it’s only through sounds. That will lifted up the people and not just the people, also the atmosphere

So, what is it in a whale sound that changes things?

Echolation… because we are made of frequency. It’s all about frequency. She see’s now this frequency vibrating like this and when the tones come through, you can see how powerful it gets, where it reaches out and it reaches out way beyond the Earth. It reaches out to… everywhere

Do the whales have anything to do with our raising our vibration? Is that why they are here for?

Yes indeed

Where are these whales from? Are they from Earth?

They are not even from here at all

Where do they come from? Rachel was wondering

Whales does not really exist like the way we don’t really exist

Can you tell me about that?

We created on this Earth that people can see who they are a Majestic Beings. They are just Light energy. They carry a full load of Light and automatically the way they swim through the ocean. They clean the pollution of the sea. It’s happening already now.

How do they do that?

They are just there, they just do. It’s in their system. We don’t have to do anything, we don’t have to create, it’s in your system. You just do like the way you walk. You don’t think the way you walk, you just do. When you eat, you don’t even think about how you eat. You do and that’s where we are heading. We are just going to do. There will be no more questions anymore

You’ll just know

Oh yes

Are we connected to that energy field of knowledge?

We all are, they are not just the only one

Why are we blocked it then?

You’re not blocked, you think you are blocked. We are not blocked at all. No

How do we access this information?

We’re accessing it now, it’s Now. Now. No yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. Now!

I’d like to continue; would you like to continue with me Salomon?

Yes, she needs to go to the bathroom first

Alright, what I’m going to do, I’m going to touch her body, she will be able to open hers eyes alert and when she comes back, she’ll go even deeper…eyes open. You’re doing very well

Can you help me please?

Of course I will

can I hug you?

Go even deeper then you where before. Connect once again with Salomon

We’re rearranging

What are you re-arranging?

Her body, it’s a little bit too much for her. We are re-arranging, we can easily change anything you like

What is it that she needs re-arranging today?

Her system

Tell me more about that

We are all becoming an activated Light Body in human form. That’s why no illnesses will exist because You’re made of Light

Now once you are made of Light, will we be continuing living the way we are living now?

Oh, No way

Can you tell me about that?

You’ll be happier, you’ll be more joyful. Everything seems the same but will not bother you anymore. It just doesn’t. You won’t feel the way you felt before

Will we be still on this Earth?

Yes, but it’s not the Earth the way you see it

Can you explain to me what the Earth will look like?

Beautiful, It’s so happy, joy

Right now, Salomon, there are lots of problems on the Earth. The Earth is polluted, the Earth has lots of sickness it seems. Is the Earth going to be transformed also?

You are going to transform yourself, yes

Is this Light energy going to affect the planet also?

Of course

How will it change the Earth?

The Earth already has changed. Everything is in perfection the way it is. We’re the last one, the humans are the last one

Have the animals already changed?

Oh, long time …a long long time ago, people must know….

Why did it take u so long?

Fear, and it’s not even there. We have no fear. There is no fear

You told me that people don’t know anything about you. Are you a group? Are you a collective?

I don’t understand that term cause we are all just this Energy

Where do you come from?

We don’t come from anywhere, where just there

Why have you communicated today through Rachel?

It’s not for her we’re doing this

Who are you doing this for?

For everybody in need

What do they need?

To be themselves, that has been long forgotten. They will become Pure, pure energy in a human form. They will be lovable, and in their pureness, they can create whatever they want. It’s there.

Is that our natural state?

Of course

Why have we forgotten this?

Yes…That’s the question. Is it important this question? Forgetfulness doesn’t even exist. There is only Now. Live in the only moment…NOW, NOW, NOW!

Our society seems to live in the past

Don’t follow the past. Follow what you are guided to do and just do. That will lead you quicker to your own journey and that could be your path. But all the rest is so external…it’s not even important. We make it as a big issue. But it’s not. It’s small comparing to what we are viewing now. It’s very tiny…it’s nothing and WE are also Nothingness the same time.

What else did you want to tell Rachel?

That it’s time for her to play and not just for her

Is it for everyone?

Yes of course

When you first came into Rachel, she was doing a lot of shaking, a lot of moving. What was happening with her body at that time?

The frequency that she was carrying, her outer frequency didn’t match well with our frequency and what’s why we had to…it’s so limited. Her Earthly body is limited to feel this powerful frequency. But now is re-arrange, she has shifted. You see her body and the energy is vibrating through her cells now and it’s filtering out through her being. It was like that before, but it was different. We had to force a little bit more each time…

So, when she leaves here today, she would have been re-adjusted once again?


How many more if these re-adjustment does, she needs?

There will be more coming

But those who watch what is happening to Rachel maybe afraid…

Don’t be afraid. There is nothing purer than this. Pure is not even the right word. Don’t be afraid, YOU want change, tis is it…it’s Now. And each time you have fear, just use the word NOW

Be here NOW


Because there is no worry in the moment of NOW, is there?

Not at all and then that’s where you can create your Magic and you will be conscious, but

 it’s different. You’ll feel that your Whole Being is Consciousness

Are children like this?

Yes, they are. They don’t understand what’s happening to them because of our society. But they are

We change them, don’t we?

But it won’t work, it’s not working anymore. Even you see some children seems to be having a harsh life, it doesn’t matter. What they are carrying is so lovable and powerful. And you never, never can misuse this frequency

So, it’s not like those who use the ‘dark arts’?

No way, then you won’t have access. You won’t have access to it. No…not at all

When we first began here, I wanted to find out what is that Rachel signed up for on this Earth? What is the purpose for being here?

Isn’t it obvious? What she’s doing now

So, she spends her whole life waiting for this moment?

She’s doing it already, she doesn’t realize it. She always wanted more and more to fulfill her wishes, to be more happier. But happiness goes way beyond beyond. You will always want more and more. And even on this field, you can ask for more and more, but’s it’s in frequency. It’s very subtle but it’s there. You’ll be expanding, we are going to expand and expand. Then she will know what to do. We all will know what to do. Then everything is going to be a laughter, when we look back at ourselves.

Many people want guidance, are you saying that we are the ones who are going to create with this magic? With This life? Is it my understanding that it’s not guidance that we need, it’s just being Creators?...

Yes …You got it Aba. Good for you. You got it. Yes

So just be the Creators that we are meant to be?

Yes, yes, yes

So, our life is really whatever we create?

Yes, you are getting the picture. Rachel have difficulties to express sometimes. You understand what she’s going through. You know what we are talking about. You are the Creator

So, when she said she wants to move, and she sees in her mind the place?

She will create, and the energy will flow to that direction to get her there because she wants it

What happens when someone doesn’t know what they want?

It will come. They will be just living their life, it’s very subtle, it’s there. They are doing progress each time, even it doesn’t seem like it’s progress, they are progressing.

What do you say to those who are ill to the point of dying now? Have they chosen at this time to leave?

What is dying?

In their physical body, it’s very difficult to watch one in progress

When you vibrate on this frequency, it’s not difficult to watch and you know that the other made a choice and you have to leave them in their choice. Sometimes we want to assist and help, when you are here, you know that it is okay. Because this so-called death shifts back to energy, as it always has been before. The only thing that you are losing or seems to be you are losing is your skin, your shell…that’s it

Do you have any advice for Rachel about what she’s going through right now, with her loved one?

She has to keep believing in herself. Believe and know everything is true, and her loved ones will understand. They will understand!

Talking about being Creators, why do we create our families? As dysfunctional as they are

They are not dysfunctional, we see it that way

That’s the word most people use, describing so many different personalities, so many differences, so much contrast. Why do we choose as Creators to come in to as family that has so many difficulties?

But they are not difficulties, that’s all I can express. They are not difficulties. Go through it, go with the flow. Know, if it’s there. You can call it like a challenge, but it’s not. It’s just there, and there is also a flow in it. Just go with the flow, not disturbing or try to push it away. It will just take longer. Juts go with the flow. Even in that circumstances. When you think there is darkness, it doesn’t exist. It’s just a different circumstance. That’s all

So, just flow through it

Yes, that’s all you have to do. Even if you feel emotional about a situation, then just feel emotional, it’s okay. But don’t stay in it and then you’ll know, it’s going to become better. And when you just know, you’ll see a tiny sparkle of light, it will shift immediately. Then you will transform very fast like a train, an express train and it’s gone. Then you are in a different creation. It will not take years anymore to bypass situations that we call depression, darkness. Cause darkness is not darkness the way we see darkness. It’s just a different circumstance.

Rachel has had operations on her eyes, why are they so dry? What4s going on with that? Does she need to flow through that too?

It’s because the frequency of this planet, the atmosphere is not adjusting well to her eyes. Because she uses a different frequency. The frequency is here is more is dryer, but’s its okay. She will just have to use drops in this case, the energy on Earth, they have nothing against what Rachel has. The vibration…the science for example has no access to this vibration and it doesn’t work here at this time until the whole humanity has shifted and then the whole Global will be back One. Then you can call this as a real ONENESS. And then …no more diseases, eyes will lighten up because the frequency will be merging and shining. That’s why she saw this image of this shiny color. Her eyes will shine like sparkling Light. But sometimes she gets a curtain in front of her eyes, it closes up a little bit, because you cannot use what you know all the time, here, at this stage. It has to close and that’s what she feels and that makes her eyes dry.

People have used the term the New Earth, what you are describing this life and this frequency…Is that what we would consider the New Earth?


You just call it a different frequency?


Rachel was wondering about her whale sounds that she’s been using. Can you tell me more about those whale sounds and what the whale sounds do? What does she do with those whale sounds? Do they help people?

Yes, they do, it’ heals them. On very subtle levels, the inner body of the people will vibrate through their tones. The people will feel it in their heart. They’ll translate it as their heart, they will feel it in their heart. But it does more than that. It will literally go through their cells and way beyond their DNA. Then it will go through the energy lines, because that energy line is the Source. You have to get it from the Source to open and expand yourself more and more. But’s it’s in your system already. You could call it an activation, everybody is really already activated. But we’re going to assist them in details.

Will she be using these whale sounds to assist other people?


Is it part of her inner journey?

She just have to be sure of herself, no fear

Is that one of the things that she’ll be doing in the future?

Oh yes, definitely

If you have nothing else to say, would you allow her to go ahead and begin to transmit some of that? Or is there anything else you would like to say?

Thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you for letting me to come through. It’s time for change

Thank you. Will you be communicating through her in the future?


It will be a pleasure to speak with you again

Likewise, Alba, likewise. You yourself have gone through a tremendous shift. You’re not Alba anymore. Even though you love the work you do. You’re going to love it even more. Yeah…

Wonderful. Thank you so much. Will you allow her now to transmit this beautiful energy?

She needs to go to the bathroom first

I’m going to touch her shoulder and when I do, she will be able to see through her eyes and when she comes back, she’ll go even deeper…eyes open

Allow yourself now to connect with the whales. Feel the whales. And as you begin to communicate, at the end I would like for you to translate

(At 1:17 Whale transmission activation codes)

Thank you very much

Beauty of life. Time to Enjoy. No more separation. It doesn’t exist. There is only music and tunes. Time, it’s time, it’s time

Thank you. I would like to ask Rachel’s guides to bring her out slowly. At her own time, releasing the energy and bring her back to continue her day

It’s shifting, I can feel it. Mmm???... I want to stay there (giggle). It feels so different here. I want to be back there…mmm

How do you feel?

(Big smile)

Feel good?

 (childish giggle)

You did wonderful

I’m Happy

Do you remember everything?

At that moment I remember what I’ve said, but now I don’t know

You where behind the scenes, but now you’re not. How long do you think this was? How did it feel?

It seems like an hour…two? It came in so fast. I can do this forever

About an hour and half

Is it an hour and a half? Oh,  I’ve got it right…okay

You did great. A little bit different than before?

Completely. I’m so grateful. I knew I had to be here, I just knew. I knew that years ago and I had the opportunity today

It was time

It was also intuition that you guided me to come and see you. Just go with the flow, right?

Go with the flow. You’re the Creator

My blood is itching now

I wonder why?


So, the question is, is there something you want to share? It seems like you were used to give a message to the world.

I only can say joy, joy, joy. No fear, come forth, get out of it. You don’t need to stay there (referring to your situation now)

Just by knowing that all of your questions are really answered, aren’t they?

I don’t remember my questions to be honest

It doesn’t matter

(giggling)… Sorry, I just don’t

You are just happy

Yes…Oh my god…What’s going to happen to the planet. If you feel the frequency of it, oh my god.

Feel good?

Oh yes, and it’s powerful, it’s not just Love. It’s intense

And people are feeling it already

I think so. How can you not feel this, right?  (loud giggling).

Did I really do this? Oh my god…

That’s why we record it, so you can see it. It all happened

I’m not going to believe what I’ve said you know

It doesn’t matter. You’ve felt it


It’s the feeling that was most important for you, not the words

Yes, the message was about feeling. Thank you for saying it. Feeling…you can feel anything you want to feel and that is our language. Everybody will understand the language of feeling. Ther’s one language. It does not matter what you say, it’s the feeling.

That’s how children are born


You cannot take that away from them

No, you don’t, you think you are, but you are not really. They can stand out there. They become who they eventually going to become anyway

Yes, it’s true

Whenever they try to suppress them it’s not working. It cannot work

This is a reminder


You have to just be in the moment of Now. Now is the only time that exist. So worry is really being in the future

Yep, it doesn’t exist

You did fantastic

Even so, if you worry, you think about negativity in the future for example. It won’t be ‘negative’ you know? That’s crystal clear. It won’t be negative

Do you want to share?

Share what?

Share the video with people?

Oh, what do you think?

Yes, okay… (loud giggling)

If you want to share, if you think…

What do I think? What Salomon thinks (giggle)

He just came in today. Oh my gosh



[After session experience]


So, Rachel… How did it feel?


This was not your typical hypnosis session

No, this was my third one

The third one, and it was totally different

Completely different

I just wacked her out and she was gone

(loud giggling) I’ve got into it immediately and I thought that I could control it a little bit, before I came here. I couldn’t control anything

There’s no controlling here

It just happened. To be honest, I am so grateful to be here, and that Salomon came through. That I only aware of since today

Salomon came into her mind this morning. What, like 4 in the morning, right?


For in the morning, she woke up and heard the mane Salomon and Salomon came through


So, you where channeling the whole time and at the end, so that people will know. You were channeling a Whale, A Whale Energy…

Yes, and the way it came through today. It was different then it normally comes through, it sounded completely different


I was feeling vibration over my whole body. How does it normally sound? Does it sound like a song usually?

Like that, but with different tones This was lighter and the same time my brain as saying; “is this the right one”

Is this the right whalesong? (giggling)

I knew it was right, but it was different. It was less effort and for me, it didn’t sound like the whales

It doesn’t matter

It was their tone, it’s their frequency. That was the most important.

Yes, that was all that would happen. So, what happened to you, how do you feel now?

LIGHT…. Thank you so much

That’s wonderful Right now we are in the UK. Where are you from?

I live in Belgium, I’m born in UK. I’m Chinese

In case you didn’t know (giggling)

Feel the frequency. Feel. That’s what it’s all about

We are all shifting, I think if somebody is watching this0. They will understand they have been changed. Little by little and there are opening up more and more. And that’s’ really the whole thing, is to continuing flowing with all of this. Salomon basically said; “are the questions even important”. Its just be in the NOW, Enjoy, be a Creator. Whatever you want to do, just create it. That’s really the bottom line, have fun

You understood it very clear. I cannot translate what I’ve just said. And you ….

This is my life

I’m listening to you and it was like yes, yes, yes, yes. So, you’ve got the message



[Amsterdam 27 november 2018]

Rachel  WhaleHeart -  A message from Salomon

This took place after a group hypnosis regression at the Manifest Your Dream Life workshop in Amsterdam. Rachel had a private hypnosis session with Alba Weinman a few days before and slipped easily into a trance to once again, channel het higher intelligence called SALOMON.

Who did you connect with today?

First it was peace, it was very peaceful. And then… Salomon came back

Tell them who Salomon is?

Salomon is myself… He’s an Intelligence. A Light Intelligence. He just came in shortly. He said he was here and suddenly my head turned to that green thing with the arrow (referring to an exit sign). And it said to me,”Do you want your way out? Do you want to get out of the Matrix?” and I said, “Yes!”. So, it was working on my system and I felt they were releasing pieces of my body, to get me out of the Matrix. What else have we got? Magical things is going to happen. But I had to get into the matrix and to get out of it…

Tell everybody what the Magical things are? Did you see anything? Is it for the planet, for yourself, for your life, for everybody?

For the whole planet. This is a continue from the last time of my session. What came through is our planet is going to change. It’s not going to be so difficult as you think it is. The matrix is released, it’s being released. It has to start with somebody and then the rest will follow.

Beauty is ahead of us…


[Rachel was put back into trance to allow the message to come through]

Thank you for coming through. What are these changes you’re talking about?

The world will not be what it is. It’s going to shift rapidly. There’s help on the way, more help than we think is coming

Can you explain what that help is?

They’re form the stars. The Light, it’s way beyond here. They are not from Earth, but there here to help us. They’re very powerful and they’ll open all your cells again. Even now, it’s happening already.

Salomon, Rachel is connected with the whales. Is she able to use whale sounds today to open up the cells of everyone in this room?

If she wants to, she can

Alright, we’ll ask Rachel in a moment. Rachel, would you like to share the whale sound?


[whale sounds/activation to open your cells at 1:37]

Magic is going to happen, miracles is going to happen. Miracles are coming, it’s in your system. You just have to operate your system. The whales are watching. The whole universe is watching. It’s happening Now. No more fear. Life is fear-based. No more fear and know …inside your cells, communicate with your cells.

Salomon, do you have a message for anyone in this group today?

Be You! Be You! Let go. No judgements

Anything else or are we complete now?

This transmission is going through their cells already. They don’t need words. It’s going through their system and most of them is feeling it now, in their stomach. It’s vibrating. I believe it’s called the solar plexus at this time. It’s spinning. That’s your engine. You have to feel it in your body. You have to keep it moving. You cannot turn the engine off! Keep the engine going!

How do we best keep that engine going?

Breathe. Let go of resistance. No thoughts…No fear

Thank you very much

Thank you, Rachel, and thank you Salomon


[Transcript made by Rachel WhaleHeart Yung]