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Video 268 - Arcturian Soul Ambassador

In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness ™ hypnosis session, this client meets her spirit guide. She finds and releases two entities that have been affecting her life and then re-lives an extraterrestrial abduction which had been causing health issues. You can contact Dianne directly at arcturianhealers@gmail.com   


A:  Tell me about this place, describe it for me.

D:  Oh, you just walk out of the woods of tall pines and trees into this valley of beautiful flowers all colors some I haven't even seen before and they're so vivid and so bright there's just so many it's like a river of flowers.

A:  Tell me more.

D:  And then oh the beauty and the smell and then I look up on the hill and there's a gazebo. I walk towards it; I go up the stairs and I open the door and I see myself sitting at a table and there's a beautiful woman on the other side

A:  Describe her for me what does she look like?

D:  She has a white robe sash tie and a beautiful blonde hair with waves and curls up and piercing ice blue eyes and pale skin she's very beautiful very knowledgeable and she wants to talk to me. 

A:  All right. So, allow this now as she begins to talk, connect with her mind to mind. What is your name?

D: Diane.

A: Tell Diane about Diane.  What is the conversation all about? Listen now.

D:  We're very proud of you, you're following your path, you did stray, but you're on it now for sure. The earth needs people like you everywhere to just be and hold, hold like an umbrella of light always and share it with others and make it really big sometimes to cover a large area and hold that space of light and love unconditionally for anyone who needs it.

A: Diane wanted to know who you were.  Who are you? Are you her higher-self or guide?

D: Guide.

A: Do you have a name?

D:  Angelica.

A: She was wondering if you're an angel.

D:  Yes.

A: So, what role do you play in her everyday life here on earth?

D: Her guardian.

A: Well it seems you've been doing a very good job of keeping her alive.

D: She's a wild one.

A: Would you tell her about that?

D: I can't even blink and she's doing something she doesn't pay attention when she's driving. She texts. She's a lousy driver. She needs to pay more attention.

A: So, she's had a lot of mishaps and she was telling me about an accident she had on 27. Where she ended up in a ditch. Can you tell me what happened that day?

D: Yeah, she had taken medication to visit with a doctor appointment. It was a couple hours away and she fell asleep but she woke up she caught herself and then she thought she had it, it was like a three-hour drive and then she fell right to sleep and I knew that the bumping and the grass and the mediums going to wake her up. They jostled her and it did and then I put my finger on top of the car because it was spinning at this point and I was controlling the spin so that when she went back into her lanes and ended up in the ditch she would end up with her head sticking up instead of down because that would have killed her.

A:  Were there any others that were helping your ore you were the only angel there?

D: Yeah, she's a handful so it's me and there was a kind human. He was in the same situation and he helped her and me. He helped calm her down so she would loosen up on the steering wheel and loosen up on the brake so that I could control the car’s spinning.

A: Now she tells me that there was an officer who had died in that same area as is the kind human you talking about?

D: Yes.

A: So, this officer that died in that area is he now taking care of that Highway?

D: Yes, he watches it all the time because he misses his family so much that he doesn't want anyone else to have to go through that.

A: Has he gone to the light?

D: No, he's still wandering the highway. He's just scared for other people. He doesn’t want them to suffer.

A: Wouldn't it be easier for him to do his job if he were to go to the light?

D:  I don’t know. I'm sure.

A: Would it be beneficial to assist him today?

D: Yeah.

A: All right. So, Angelica I'd like for you to go ahead and connect with him. Can we connect with him now and assist him?

D: Yes.

A: All right. So, I'm going to count from 1 to 3 and if he is an agreement to have him to have us help him, bring him through. 1, 2 and 3.

D: I’m Bob.

A: Bob thank you very much for saving, helping save Diane from that accident and for all of those you've assisted.

D: My pleasure.

A: Bob it seems to me that you haven't gone home yet.

D: There's so many to save.

A: But you see Bob you can save them by being the guide.

D: I don't know about that.

A: Would you like to see what it's like to go to the light now and you can make that decision?

D: Yes.

A:  All right. So, Bob inside of you there is a little spark of light. Well, you may not have noticed it, but it's there. This is the god spark; this is what created you and go ahead and let's expand that light and tell me how that feels.

D:  It's amazing.

A: this is the love that feels like to be connected to your Creator. I'd like for you to expand that light as big as you can and tell me if you're being called home.

D: I have like gold all around me and it's pulling me up.

A: Very good. So, I'm going to ask for the angels of the white light to surround you, Bob so that you can be escorted and tell me when you get there.

D: Yes.

A: What’s it like?

D: Spider web. Looks like you're being pulled up on a spider web.

A: Who is there?

D: Oh, it’s so beautiful.

A: Is there anyone there to greet you?

D: My father.

A: What does he tell you?

D: Good job son.

A: So, Bob you'll be able to go to school and find out what it is that you want to do next.

D: Thank you so much.

A: Thank you, may the light of the universe always accompany you Bob. Thank you.

D: Thank you.  

A: Thank you for your service. Take a deep breath in let me now speak with Angelica once again. Thank you very much for that Angelica. Diane was wondering how many guides…

D: 5

A: What are their names? Who are they?

D: It’s like one, Enlil.

A: And what is Enlil’s role in her life?

D: It's to help lay down the path and to give her path the choices.

A: It seems she's been getting quite a few choices. Would it stay or go? Was that Enlil’s help?

D: He did what God told him to do.

A: Okay good. Who else is helping her, what's the next guide? If they don't have names just tell me their purpose in her life. What do they do?

D: Keep her out of trouble.

A: I would say that would be a whole bunch of them that would be needed for that.

D:  Yes, that's like there's five. One for the help, there is two for the house usually because she falls a lot

A: What's making her fall so much?

D: It's the diseases that she has, and she loses her balance and tumbles or it's just real fast and she can't catch herself.

A: Okay. Any other guides they're helping her with that, with her life?

D: She met David a long time ago.

A: Tell me what David does in her life.

D: Well shouldn't believe that it's really him. She tried to talk to him. She met him you know in under a tree he came out of a field and he was very nice, and he hugged her and held her, and they just sat under the tree and she fell asleep on his lap.

A: What does David do for her? Does he comfort her?

D: Yes.

A: Very good.

D: He tries to help protect her heart.

A: How is he doing?

D: Very good right now

A: Very good. Who is the last one there that helps her?

D: Kyle.

A: What does Kyle do?

D: Gets her up, gets her moving, motivates her to try to get up and do things housework.

A: What does he do with that?

D: He makes her have to go pee, so she has to get off the couch.

A: Thank you Angelica.

D: You’re welcome.

A: Now I'd like to know is there anyone that's trying to tell me something.

D: Azazel.

A: Tell me about that.

D: Dianne got involved in helping people clear their homes of negativity. People would find her there. They would just open their computer sometimes and her website would be there. They don't know how or why and sometimes they would just have my number in their phone and they would already be ringing and they would look at it and hold it up to their ear or they were planning to go see a psychic or a medium to soothe their souls suffering of their loss and they would find her through a friend or just stumble, we set it up so that they stumble onto her and she went to the Catholic priest to make sure she wasn't doing anything wrong and that it was safe for her to do and that she was a warrior for source, god, mother-father God. I like source.

A: So, what does this Azazel do now?

D: It's a pain in my ass. Okay, so what the priest explained to me is that when I was 15 I sat up in my bed and had my arm straight out and I looked up the ceiling I said God I am one of your warriors use me as you see fit. I thought that was weird when I did it, but now it’s making sense and so the priest told me to imagine walking down a dark road on a sidewalk poorly lit and on this left side of me is a chain-link fence and there's guard dogs in there, Dobermans and they are like the lower-energy, negative energy souls or other demons you know just low vibration and he said you're goanna feel them snap their teeth at you through the little hole and their spit may get on me through their snout blowing it and to just ignore them and to just keep walking and have faith and keep walking and they won't get me because the fence is there and I'm safe it's like their bark is worse than their bite and then I was assigned to a lady who wanted to commit suicide and I couldn't get through, it was like a kryptonite dome was over me and I couldn't get through to get any information and I had been seeing in my mind's eye, I go ahead and it looked like it had been carved out of obsidian and a black cape and hung passed the hands but the hooves I could see just barely and then it just flashes in my mind for weeks and then until the dogs out and it was standing very tall very tall only on my property line of my neighbors. It was far away but I could see him with my real eyes and then that same day my friend called and said could she bring her sister over and she did and then that's when like a capsule came over me and I couldn't pick up anything, but then what was weird was my right arm lifted and pointed right at her and said “This is you, this is all your fault” and it pointed to his to her sister and it turned out she has even taken medication prescription and alcohol and kept her mother's clothes and would go smell them and she had three children of her own she wanted to take her own life to be with her mother rather than stay on earth and mother her own children. I explained that to her and I explained that she's not ready to go she has her children to raise and then I told her that the whispers you hear and I know she did was like when she would be cutting up vegetables or peeling potatoes it would be like “Go ahead, cut yourself, cut yourself do it, yeah”. He would whisper into her ear. Oh, he played her so bad. Thank God she came to me and I was able to help her.

A:  Does he have any influence now over the life of Diane?

D: I believe so he's going to follow me all the way to the end because from Mississippi to Memphis to Florida I've had to deal with him.

A: So, what does Azazel need?

D: Me.

A: Let's find out why. I don't want you to channel Azazel, I want you to communicate face to face with Azazel. Now I'm going to count from 1 to 3 and we want to call forward Azazel. You speak to him now 1 2 & 3. Look at him before you know.

D: You may scare me or startle me. You will startle me, but you will never scare me I carry the light of God and I shine it brightly I'm shining it on to you.

A: All right take a deep breath in. What does Azazel say?

D: Fuck you. Shine your shit somewhere else, bitch.

A: Let's find out why is Azazel so angry.

D:  Everybody keeps trying to take away my people

A: Who are your people?

D: Anyone that I can get into.

A: Why is it that Azazel needs people?

D: So that my father will love me.

A: So, it's not about you, it's about you not feeling good enough, is that right?

D: Well...

A: What do you think is going to happen?

D: I'm going to continue on forever.

A:  Who is your father?

D: Lucifer. We are all one basically.

A: Do you really think Lucifer even cares about you?

D: Of course, he does.

A: If he cared about you, he would have already acknowledged you more.

D: There is no time on Earth, he doesn’t have enough time.

A: No matter how many people you get, he's never going to be happy with you. Do you understand that? Do you understand that this will happen for the rest of your existence and he will never be happy with you? You've picked the wrong side, Azazel. You picked the wrong side, Lucifer's never satisfied with anything. He's never going to love you. You're looking for love, you're looking for acceptance and by joining up with this one you're never going to feel good enough.

D: But I can stop her from saving people.

A: How about saving yourself?

D: I am what I am.

A: I bet you forgot who you truly are.

D: I am.

A: Azazel, you have that light within you too. You have forgotten where you truly come from.

D: I was thrown out.

A: So, you'll never feel accepted.

D: No.

A: But you see that light can grow within you. You have that power, you never used it. You have that light within you, find it there.

D: But it's my strength.

A: But you have no love. You're looking for love from Lucifer you're looking for acceptance. Lucifer will never accept you, you're an outcast. You went to him because you were...

D: No, never. I'll never go to heaven.

 A: Take a look and see. Take a look and see that light inside of you.

D: Do you know who I am?

A: You are a child of the light.

D: I was.

A: You are. That light is still within you, it's there, you just don't look at it. You've forgotten it. You-

D: It’s burned out-

A: It never burned out they can't be burnt out. It's there, take a look at it, take a look at it. It's there; you just don't want to look.

D: Fine.

A: Look at it. That light has never been gone. It's there, you forgotten about it.

D: Yes.

A: Make it bigger and see how powerful that light is.

D: Oh my-

A: Make it even more powerful. Feel that light, feel that light. What does it feel like, Azazel?

D: Well, this is nice but I'm staying I have work to do.

A: When you have this light, it doesn't even make sense because you have all the power inside of this light you have all you need inside this light. There's nothing you need. Feel it. If you're still feeling that you need to be here, it's because you haven't made it big enough, you haven't connected strongly enough. Go ahead and connect and once you connect, Azazel you will feel the love, you will feel the forgiveness, you will understand that source never throws any of its light out. You may be gone for a little while to learn lessons to remember who you are. You're part of this light. Tell me how that feels.

D: Well, I hate to say it, but you’re right.

A: I'm going to call my team in now. I'm going to call my angels of the white light and my archangels.

D: Does Michael have to come?

A:  Michael’s my main man.  I want him to tell you what I tell everybody. Listen to him what does he tell you?

D: God loves everyone, and he forgives everyone, and you are his child as I am as we all are. Take my hand, let me show you. That's it.

A: Very good. Azazel, I'd like for you to disconnect all of your influence, remove it from everyone that you have ever affected, remove that darkness now. Separate yourself now and I'd like for you to replace it with that light of yours, that beautiful light shines it upon all those that you've been siphoning their energy from and tell me when you're ready to go.

D: The angels are so beautiful.

A: So, what would you like to tell Diane? Would you like her to forgive you for this?

D: Yes.

A: All right. Take a deep breath in. Diane, can you forgive Azazel for forgetting who he was?

D: Yes.

A: Very good. So, I'd like for you to send them off with light and love.

D: Light and love to you, Azazel. I’m sorry you were lost.

A: Take a deep breath in. Azazel, are you ready to go now?

D: Yes.

A: Very good. I'd like for you to take Archangel Michael's hand and go back to that light and tell me what happens when you get there.

D: So bright and beautiful and warm, loving. I haven’t felt that; I haven’t felt love.

A: That's what you were looking for, Azazel, all this time.

D: You're right I didn't even realize it.

A: Very good. So, I'd like for you now to go through this light of love and may the light of the universe always accompany you. Thank you very much Azazel. Take a deep breath in now and let me speak with Angelica. Angelica?

D: Yes?

A: Take a look and see now how her future looks without Azazel attached to her.

D: Oh, so much easier so much easier but I know this girl and she will go to those who are in need and she will help them and I'm worrying about her getting on another demon attachment.

A: So I'd like to call in the archangels and let's do a little ritual for her let's surround her and I'd like all of them to shine their light on her calling in the archangels St. Germain, any-any ascended masters who would like to be here today. Let’s do a ring around Diane, let's pump up our aura, fortifying it and as they do this, I'd like for you to tell me, Angelica what it is that they're doing to her.

D: So, they're giving her layers of protection, very fine thin layers but the fibers are made so strong so that she can go help. She just needs to call upon us to be there. She was handling it herself with me and she had to go through it. It was a lesson and it is what source had told her you know through the priest that they exist, they’re there. She's the warrior she wants to fight and help the light.

A: But as a warrior of the light she needs to call in the light they can't go in there on her own.

D: Right.

A: So, let's remind her that's what she needs to do when she tries to help somebody, to set her intention to get the assistance from their guides and her guides in order to succeed in whatevershe needs to do. 

D: Yes.

A: Very good. Now she tells me that during meditations she's able to take people to meet the Arcturians and receive therapies. Can you tell me what's happening there?

D: Can you make her go deeper?

A: Of course, go ahead and count from 10 down to 1. With each number I want you to see yourself going down a step. When I reach number one, you'll be at the deepest level you need in order for you to access this information effortlessly. So, take a deep breath in now. Ten. Going down. Nine. Deeper and deeper. Eight. Down. Seven. Deeper. Six. Down. Five. Deeper. Four. Down. Three. Deeper. Two. Down. And one. Be there now, activating your third eye.

D: Thank you for doing that.

A: So, let's now talk about the Arcturians.

D: Yes.

A: How is she connected with them?

D: She's not Arcturian. She thought she was because she could connect with us, but she's found a way. Us engaging her while she was small made it easier for her to understand as an adult.

A: Who am I speaking with now? Are you one of the Arcturians?

D: No, it’s Angelica.

A: Okay. Angelica are you one of the Arcturians?

D: No.

A: So, what is she doing with the Arcturians? Why she connected?

D: She's labeled a Soul Ambassador and she can meet people on a high vibration, low vibrations this is too intense for and she does it out of love and to help heal them and when the person is ready usually they find her and she meets with them to make sure that they're safe and stable and that they can handle this trip and she takes them. She tells them how to meet her. Just space outer space. And they're just lights, no matter how many she takes. She's taken six before at one time.

A: When she meets with them in this high vibration what's happening to those that she's helping?

D: They go inside the crystal pyramid. It's black crystal but it's really not, it reflects the darkness of space, so it looks flat and then the stars shine on it that's why they don't find it with their telescopes. So they cross over and as soon as they step in, they have a human body and it's the best that they were ever at in their life their best health, way they feel about themselves and they have a white robe on to cover and as they step the floor lights up so they can see where to go. And there's three there's always three. One's an elder and he's teaching he's a like a hundred years old or more and he's helping the other two really was it. protégées like they're going to help take over when he finally transitions, and it takes hundreds of years though to do what he does it’s kind of like their priestess. He has on an iridescent robe, all of them do. The high collar, it's like opalescent and their bodies when I can see when the robe would open is there non-sexual, asexual and they're kind of a bluish gray and they're very tall.  

A: Did she see these beings when she was younger?

D: Yes.

A: What connection does she have with them?

D: The Soul Ambassador

A: So, when she came here on this life and this planet, she was the ambassador?

D: That was one of her missions when she came here. But it took a while for her to find that but we did you know and it helped being when she was little but as if we wouldn't have showed ourselves to her when she was little she would not believe what she's seeing now and it just affirms it and once they come in, they go and it's their turn because there's other humans there, I'm not sure who brings them or if they just find their way there. You can talk to him and when it's your turn you go and you sit on everything's crystal like crushed quartz crystal and there are seven columns about their waist high and they're empty with a hollow but they have crystals inside on each color of the chakras and they stand like five of them stand around you. I'm always holding their hands so that way they know I'm there on the side and we can talk telepathically you know, and what happens is that they the first one will go and scoop they have large hands with four fingers very bulbous fingers long and they scoop up the red crystals and then they almost look like Swarovski crystals they're real shiny and as he scoops them his robe turns red and he walks over and he pours them in to the area of the red chakra the original red  and it feels like salt being poured on your wrist and then the next color is another gentleman being and his robe turns color and look all the way up up, up, up and then once they're finished and then this light machine comes down and it has a mist to refract the lights so they don't hurt your eyes and the lights come down and they activate the crystals to…   I think to solidify them. Kind of explained it to me but I know it's a good thing and it's like turning us in from carbon to crystalline because that's what we are.

A: So, as Dianna's there holding their hands what does her body look like?

D: She's back to like when she was nineteen: bouncy hair, bright eyes, pretty skin.

A: Let's take a look at her chakras while she's there.

D: Oh, they're already crystalline; in fact, they've turned white like selenite. They're not even colors anymore.

A: So, she wants to know if she'd been a star being before.

D: Oh, yes.

A: What planets or star systems?

D: Not from ours, it is from many universes away. And she heard a call and of course she's the first one to jump up and down as always.

A: Could you tell me what call it was that she heard?

D: It was like a beacon and it was telepathic and the beings that she was around, oh we didn't have bodies. I'm calling quasi physical like quasi, just kind of like you could see through us, but we were more like a jellyfish, but we were pretty.

A: Was this on a planet or just in space? Show her picture of it.

D: There's the main star and then there's an A and a B and she was at A.  A main star… is it Orion? And that has two more… the B almost doesn't count, was it so small but scientists found it, but she was on A.

A: So, let’s find out what this telepathic call was from Earth, what did you see?

D: It was Gaia. She was wailing out for help because the dark was so dark, I think it was darker than it's ever been during the 60s 70s 80s 90s you know and 2000 but 2012 is when the ball got kicked off, everybody thought so many things were going to happen but they did energetically like you can't see it. People that are sensitive could feel it but others you know just go about their day and don't pay attention to things.

A: Can you tell me what would happen then?

D: Yeah, lots of energy was released positive, wonderful, beautiful energy. More angels came down to earth to be with souls who maybe had just like one guardian angel, and they needed a little help so more angels would come down. So the angels came down on 2012 and started helping the people because there were people who were committing suicide because of foreclosures and no money and there were men they wanted to be proud and they couldn't afford what they had and it was an embarrassment a shame to them to be the breadwinner and the husband and the father and they saw that, they saw them, you know. In other countries it's not like that here in America and we run things different it's the almighty dollar, God forbid you sleep in a hut, you have to have a big house, the big car, the fence, the kids all that and that's all just made up you know…

A: And all of these angels that came in is that why there's so much more spiritual awakenings?

D: Yes, exactly!

A: Tell me what happened, what was the influence of these angels and beings?

D: First they ran to the ones who were suicidal because they need the most help and then they ran to the ones who were like desolate I think they were on their own, their families gave up on them and they by themselves and they needed that help to find a shelter to help them realize they're not alone. So many people on this planet think that they're alone and they're not. They're so not.

 A: So, what was it that allowed all these that were unaware of their spirituality what made them wake up?

D: Angel in their dream. I mean this could be a homeless person sleeping behind a 7/11 with a duffel bag and a blanket and the angels would touch him and be in his dreams and then they would help elevate him and they would help him want to go in the restroom and wash his face you know go buy a toothbrush and clean himself up and then help him find help from the communities and the churches. It's difficult, it's very difficult here to find help for people like that because churches are overwhelmed, the governments don't seem to really care.

 A: So, let's focus now on the call but Diane heard. What was her mission coming in, what did she plan to do when she incarnated?

D: She was to come and shine light everywhere and just her being just being would touch others in their auric fields like at the grocery store, just her walking by someone can elevate their vibrations and change. She didn't have to say anything, just as long as they're in that field. A lot of times she's always noticed like if you're waiting in a restaurant or you're seated at the table that everybody gets up and leaves. She's noticed it to many times and she even showed it to her daughter she's like watch, let's go sit in this crowd and watch what happens and within five to ten minutes they were all empty.

A: So, let's find out what happens on the spiritual side, what happens when she sits in a place?

D: Her vibration, it's so elevated that the lower vibrations can't take it so they have to get up and leave although she does help with them raise theirs while she's sitting there but it annoys them and they just they don't know what it is and so they just make up an excuse like a husband tell a wife you know I'm not comfortable I want to stand you know or I want to outside smoke. They come up with a reason to have to get up or their number will be called to go to their table. It's weird like that.

A:  Tell me what's happening now. What is affecting Diane?

D: Clutter. She has problems with letting go of things. She thinks she's letting go of the memory.

A: So, this clutter is keeping their relationship also cluttered?

D: Yes, because the house is cluttered and when the house is cluttered know things are in disarray. You have to organize, clean out cobwebs, don't have dark corners for beings to hide and she smudged a couple of times and put salt down. There is something in there, the trickster hides things.

A: So, once we have them move it'll be better?

D: A little bit, yeah.

A: So I'd like to do now something for clearing of this house so that she can declutter even easier I'd like to ask now for all of those who would like to assist here with this exercise let's bring in a beam of Source’s light and shine it within our house. Let's find any of those souls that have been affecting her, her husband, her family, that shine it around this light let's see what we find.

D: There's that creepy little thing. It's dried out kind of looks like leather for skin and long nail just dark dried skin and wings.

A: Well, we can't judge a book by its cover; let's find out what this little being is doing there.

D: It's like just a little creature and he's mischievous. I mean he plays with the cats all the time.

A: So, this little creature, is this is he from the nature or from where? Where is he coming from? Let's connect with it telepathically.

D: Earth.

A: So, what is it that he finds interesting in your home? Let's find out what he wants from you.

D: My light is so bright that it irritates him, and he was there first. He takes the remote and hides it my cell phone, I can put a fork on the counter, and it's gone.

A: So, let's find out what it is that he needs what does he need?

D: Attention. Attention or he just needs to go back into the earth

A: Let's find out if something happened to him that made him leave the earth, I'd like for you to connect with him telepathically and see why he is here and not back home with his own. What happened to him?

D: He was small and weak, weaker than the others and he couldn't move things around easy, like rocks the dirt and he wasn't a nice… he was just like he was the geek, you know and they just didn't want him around, they picked on him.

A: So, let's ask him how long it's been since that's happened.

D: Oh, thousand years or more.

A: So, let's find out if he has changed in these thousand years. Has he gotten stronger?

D: Yes, being on the outside by himself he is.

A: So, let's ask him if he wants to take another chance and go back with his people know that he's stronger and wiser?

D: He's still little, he's still little further than they are, they're bigger and he's afraid that that's all they're going to see.

A: All right, well we don't know, we can't make assumptions, can we? Let's find out from him if he is willing now to expand his own light so that they could see him.

D: He didn't know he had one.

A: Show him his light. Expand that light and let's find out how that changes him. Does that make him bigger?

D: Yes, and his skin's not as leathery anymore it's fleshier.

A: So, I'd like for you to go ahead and ask him to use that light to create the form that he needs in order to be welcome back. He didn't know how to use his light. So, what's he looks like now?

D: He's scary looking. He's definitely bigger Wow yeah, he can leave my house.

A: Very good. So, I'd like to call in the angels of the white light and I'd like for them to go ahead and escort him back to his people. And now that he's gone, I'd like to ask for Archangel Michael now go ahead and use his blue flame sword and let's clear out that entire house. Completely declutter of energy from anybody else. And let's seal that house so that only the ones who come into that house with pure heart will feel comfortable there, will be allowed in there. So now let's do a body scan of Diane, I'd like for you to scan from head to toe and I'd like to see what's going on with her body. Her light should be just white shining white if there's any shadows any movements any pinching let me know where it is.

D: Her brain and her spinal cord, the muscles that run along.

A: Which one do you want to take care of first?

D: Oh, her back now it hurts so bad.

A: All right, let’s take a look at her back I'd like for you to run energy up and down the back and tell me what's going on there. Is this something that's attached to her or something that she's created?

D: It’s attached.

A: Very good, so I'd like for you to look at this attachment and tell me if a detachment has any color or shape, what does it look like?

D: A little tiny, like little nano robot things.

A: All right, so let's find out what put that attachment there. Did this attachment come on their own?  How was it put there? I like for you now to follow through and go through time and space I'd like for you to as you look at this spine tell me if there is any word or sentence that comes up as you focus on these little nano particles. Of what does it remind you?

D: It’s when I was little.

A: All right so let's go back when you were little go back in time allow yourself to go back…

D: Oh, I was abducted.

A: So, I'd like for you to go there now. I'd like for you to see what happened. Be there now.

D: Oh my.

A: Tell me what you see.

D: Playing in the woods I don't know…

A: I'd like for you to acclimate yourself completely into that child's body. Talk to me as this child.

D: I love my woods. This is my path I have a circle. I can run around with my brother, it's almost covered. Oh, dead leaves and stuff and call it the path but I go beyond that into the woods.

A: All right let's find out what's beyond the woods. What's there, Diane?

D: It's a cow pasture.

A: What do you see in that cow pasture?

D: A ship.

A: Have you seen this ship before?

D: Yes, other times.

A: So, let's see what happens next. After you see this ship, does anybody come up to meet you?

D: It's still there, and it's just sitting there. It’s humming, like a hum; I can hear it from my house. That's how I knew I had to go out there.

A: What happens next?

D: Nobody can see it because it's off the road. Nobody… nobody cares where I am what.

A: What happens with that ship?

D: I see three beings in it and like a bubble on top.

A: Is this ship very big?

D: No.

A: So, do you see this, is it like a window bubble?

D: Yeah.

A: Tell me what these beings look like in there.

D: They're staring at me.

A: Do you recognize them, have you seen them before?

D: Yes.

A: Are they your friends?

D: Yes.

A: So, connect with them telepathically. What do they tell you?

D: it's time to go so I walk towards the ship, but I just walk through it. And then to it. Just walk through it.

A: What's inside do you see in there?

D:  Chairs and little lights.

A: Where do you see these lights?

D: Like a dashboard.

A: Is anybody staying there?

D: Three people, two. Three guys, three beings are and there's like a couch that's weird I mean so like they have their chairs and then telepathically… it's the only way we talk. Their lips are very, very thin and short.

A: Are these big beings?

D: Yes.

A: What do they look like?

D: They are Arcturians.

A: So telepathically I'd like for you to connect with them and let me know what they tell you.

D: That they need to put… that they need to work on me. So, they take me, and I don't think we had to leave the ship.

A: Allow yourself now to see what they do to your body.

D: Yeah, I see. It's like an IV but it's a fat tube. But their spiritual and they care about us so much and they put their hand, their palm over where they were goanna stick the tube in and that way it didn't hurt me. And then inside the clear tube they just started pouring these like little robots like a fly or an ant or a tiny… tinier than that.

A: And what is the purpose of them putting this inside, connect with them telepathically, let's find out what it is that they're putting in you. What is that for?

D: Oh, they are just recording my system, all my systems.

A: So, I'd like for you to connect telepathically and find out if this is going to cause you any type of discomfort as you get bigger.

D: Yes. And they've been in there too long.

A: All right so I'd like for you now to tell me what happens next.

D: Oh, my goodness. It’s disintegrating and the pain is going away. They're apologizing, they're sorry, they're so sorry.

A: Let's find out if there's anything else in your body that has been causing you to have spasms, paralysis discomfort. Have them look at your body and let's find out what's causing all of these things in your body. Your knees, your stumbling…

D: I don’t know.

A: Have them do the scan and see if there's anything else that they can help you with now that they understand that they have been influencing your health in a negative way for so many years, your immune system.

D: They are so sorry, and they said that everything is going to start turning around now. It'll take time but it'll turn around.

A: Let's find out. I'd like to ask about the migraines. What's been causing the migraines, are they influencing that?

D: Yes, it was putting too much pressure in her brain.

A: Very good. So, since they've been doing damage, I like them to go ahead and begin beaming their lights and their technology into this body to begin healing, begin repairing any damage. I know that they have a way to use technology to reverse anything that they've done to regenerate the cells and bring back the youth. I like for them to go ahead and begin beaming that technology into this body. Let me know when they are done.

D: They are being super careful, and they make sure they get it all. Yeah, it’s done.

A: Good, very good. So, I'd like to ask another favor of your friends. We understand that Diane's a nurse she's here to help other people. Can I ask for some sort of assistance when she is working with other people that she'd be given a gift to telepathically connect with them even more than she's done before?

D: Yes.

A: Very good. Do they have anything else to tell Diane today?

D: She's doing a spectacular job. She's on the right path and we're very sorry for anything that we've done that's negative. You heard the call, that's why you were born, and you took the first available body you could get and that just happened to be your, your parents.

A: Now is her path leading her to the fifth dimensional world or is she going to go back to Source or recycle?

D: She'll have a choice to go back to Source or to 5D.

A: Will she have another opportunity to transition? She's had many near-death experiences already.

D: Yes.

A: Good, so now I'd like to call back Angelica. Angelica, why is it that Diane was brought to this session today?

D: To reassure herself of going forward on the path of staying in this area and to be able to grow and blossom into a phenomenal reader and to learn how to start with small groups and lead to larger and teach all about unconditional love at every event she'll ever do, she has to mention and always has unconditional love because that's what humans were supposed to do not war, that got messed up on that timeline.

A: Very good. Is there anything else that I could have asked if I didn't, that you would like to tell her today? Anything else?

D: No.

Our thanks to Sarolta Nagy who transcribed this session video.