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Video 277 Alba Weinman - The Sun’s Message to Humanity

In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness ™ hypnosis session, this client experiences a life as an extraterrestrial amphibian and how they continue to fight for what was stolen from them. She discusses the influence of the Dracos and human sexuality and provides important information about the Sun.

I see myself in a cave under the earth, underground cave.

Describe this cave for me, what does it look like? Look around you, can you see in this cave?

Yes. I can stand in it and it looks like oval and it’s rock. It’s rock that have shapes of roundness likes it’s carved roundness. It’s like how coral is porous and has indentations. It’s like coral but its not coral it’s dark; darker then coral gray its like a dark gray stone that has that same kind of texture as coral.  It’s like porous.

Is there anything else beside the stones in this cave? Look around.

There is wetness, there’s water, there’s the... there’s a wetness them… to it.

And as you observe this cave, do you feel that you have a physical body in this cave?

Um-hm. Male.

Male, very good. Tell me more.

I sense a peace and aggression.

Tell me more about that.

In the male body that I am there’s a…the personality is peaceful and aggressive.

As you look at this personality, what does it look like? Feel it.

I want to say shape shifting. Has the ability to be like… well I see like a thick skin, scaly, thick skin, blueish like a fish but or a snake like that kind of fishy, snaky skin and it is blue.

And while you are in this cave are you standing, or sitting, lying, what position is this body in?


So, look down and see what you are standing on?

The rock. I’m inside the cave. It’s all the same inside the cave. There’s a light source.

Where is this light source coming from?

The center of this cave is my hollow houses I live in the cave. 4 min.

So, I’d like you to take me into this cave and see what is there.

Nothing, its just there and there is a light source, a column of light.

Let’s find out where this column of light comes from, follow it please.

Its to my right, so I’m walking its communication device, its I don’t want to say entertainment device but it’s communication device, it’s column, it’s also flat and it can also shape shift, it’s also food the light is the food that I eat.

Where is this light coming from?

It is self-generating?

So, it’s within the cave?

Yep. It’s in the center of the cave. It’s like the center of a doughnut, like the cave is like a round doughnut and the center of it is the light source. Like the battery of it or the generator of it.

Are you alone in this cave?

Right now, I am.

So, let’s find out a little more about your life. I’d like for you to close this scene and now let’s go to another scene in that same lifetime where there is more information about your life.

We fly.

See it. You fly, tell me, what does it look like when you fly?

We have little wings they look very small compared to the size of the body. They are on the neck, they use to be gills but they turn in to wings.

Now you say we, are there other around you?

It’s a civilization.

How many do you see?

Lots. Like beehive civilizations. Another planet. We are very peaceful, but we can be very aggressive like bees. If you leave us alone, if you don’t steal from us and your leave us alone and you don’t try to mess with us we are very peaceful.

What size are you; are you large or small?

Well we are larger than bees and were larger than humans, but the wings are so small, and they come from the neck, but they are strong to sustain some kind of levitation flight thing.

Ok. Now do you see around you anything else besides others like you?

It’s dark. We are inside of a planet so there is no external atmosphere. So, everything is dark and has that color of like charcoal that looks like coral and its luminescent. The water part of it is very important, the rock has to say hydrated or we all die.

Why is that? Tell me more about that, how does that work?

The water is connected to the light source that we… that is our food. The water is love and how we feel love and how we feel connected to each other and how we communicate to each other and how we maintain our oneness, our tribal energy.

And when you fly with all of these are you doing it for any particular reason, are you moving to any particular place?

There is work that we are doing. It’s like we are on guard we are like on - we are protecting something that means a lot to us.

Let’s find out what that is.

It’s the water

What’s happened to the water?

It was stolen

Who stole the water?

Bacteria. It came in as bacteria. It wasn’t bacteria but in came in as bacteria- it tricked us into thinking it was bacteria.

Where did this bacteria come from?

I see a bottom of a ship that looks like a moving propeller, very metallic

Where is this ship, is it within your cave?

No, it’s outside.  It’s outside the planet and the only way that it could come in to the plant was to make itself bacteria and it seeped in.

And are you accepting of bacteria?

Normally yes.

So, what happened?

It wasn’t bacteria.

Did it morph into something else?

It was like a magic trick. As soon as the make-believe bacteria touched the inside of the planet and accessed the main water portal, it was like a magic trick and it just disappeared.

So, you have no water left in your planet?

Very little. That’s why its important we keep the water, the rock inside has to stay moist. But it was our friend. The water was our friend.

And it was taken from you. What was the purpose of taking this water?

They don’t have their own water. But they use the water for incubation because the water was so rich, and I am psychically in part of their ship.

Tell me what happens within their ship?

Within their ship, not our ship.  

Yes, what happens within their ship?

They are using our water against our will to create their life. In earth we call, people on earth call test tubs so they use our water to fill up their very large tubes that they have in their laboratories on their ships.

What’s in these tubes?

Different experiments.

And being that this water is love, does that affect you?

That it was stolen and misused, yes. Because we can feel what the water is being put through.

How do you feel inside?

Extreme anger.

So, I’d like for you now to close that scene, close that scene and let’s see what happens next. Move on to the next important scene. Where are you?

We’re walking down a path, it’s a congregation like a meeting and we are all walking kind of like the red carpet, but it’s not for that, we are are creating lines and lines and lines we’re creating formation and we are planning something.

Where is it that you are going to?

The ship.

Where is this ship?

In outer space.

Is this your ship?

No, we are going to that ship that stole our water.

So, all of you are going there now?

A lot of us.

What happens next?

Well when we create a formation we turn in to something else. It’s when we go to war.

So, tell me what happens when you form this; what do you turn into?

One being. A flying being. An orb.

Describe what you look like?

We look like a dark spider web that can’t be broken. Very well designed, very well -masterly designed web that our bodies create as we come into formation and our nervous system link in and we become one nervous system, one pulse, and our intention is to go to the ship and pulse it.

So, allow yourself to see that now.

We know that the ship is stronger than us, but we are communicating to them. We’re pulsing, and we are interfering with their electro-magnetic frequency, because they have something that doesn’t belong to them and they are using it wrongly, and we aggravate them.

Do they understand what is happening to them?


Tell me more about this, what happens?

Where we become like a nuisance. This has been going on for a very, very long time. They are trapped, they can’t get away from us, they can’t leave for some reason. They aren’t able to leave.

Like being trapped in a spider web?


And is it that your frequency has trapped them?

I think so. Something about what they’ve done allowed them to be trapped so they can’t escape. They won’t surrender the water and they can keep doing their lavatory experiments and we can keep aggressing them and irritating their frequency.

So, let’s see what happens. What happens next?

It goes on for a long time this back and forth, and we get tired or we’ve done our pulse and then we come back, and we come back in to our planet and back underneath the ground where we can touch the remaining water that is on the rocks inside the caves. And we love each other, there is a… we recharge - we recharge each other, and we get ready to go back up and pulse them again; this is what we do. There is spirit in the water, there is a soul or spirt it’s not just water it’s a… that’s why they are trapped. As long as they don’t return not water they not free to leave.

Now this lower spirt does it reside in both the ship and the remaining water or do they have it trapped?

No, it remains in the remaining water that’s on the surface of the rocks, so we keep in contact. We can keep speaking to it and it can keep speaking to us.

So, let’s close this scene and now move forward to the conclusion of what has happened to this water.

What happens?

It feels like it goes on for eternity. It’s still happening.

So. I’d like for you to disconnect from that lifetime completely, and as you look at that lifetime, let’s find out how that lifetime is affecting the lifetime of Magali. What is she picking up?

That water has something to do with souls on earth.

Let’s go deeper and deeper and find out what that means.

We were the projector of that water because that water brought souls, like the life of souls- the birthing of souls. We were their protector. The souls on earth, the source of the souls on earth is from that water. And because it’s being mishandled and not free, not appreciated, not loved- it’s being manipulated - its being disturbed and it has this different color to it, its frequency, its essence is being changed because how its being used and that had a direct effect on the pain that souls on earth feel.

So, lets specifically look at the soul, Magali, how is that affecting her?

Deeply. It is the equivalent of the embryonic liquids while the human fetus is in the mother’s womb. It causes embryonic fluid that gives life to souls that are supposed to be free- same thing that is happening on this earth with the water; the oceans are being destroyed with toxins.

Now as above so below, does this have anything to do with that?


What are they doing on that ship to that water that is reflecting down to earth?

Generic modification of souls, genetic modifications of humans. If you can genetically modify a human, you can generically modify a soul.

And as we tap in to that information, how is it that is affecting her life, why is it blocking? Let’s      find out.

I am going to go ahead and count from three back to one. When I get to number one, we are going to go even deeper in to this matter to find out the block that has been placed in this woman’s’ life. Three, going back in time now through time in space looking for the blockage, two, and one, see it in your mind’s eye. Tell me about this.

They are mad at me.

Describe who they are.

The beings that are on that ship that are also in this world. The ones we go hum to, the ones we go interfere their pattern and when we emanate and when we come in to our grid and when we come in to our organic web. They are mad because we have locked them in. They’re stuck.

Let’s find out where they are stuck. Describe it for me. Do you see?

I see the ship and the planet.

How far away are this ship from the planet?

Not that far.

Who’s on that ship?

Draconians - and the earth is the planet that I live in;  the stone planet, the caves is also earth. They’re super imposed- they’re parallel, they’re different, but they are the same. And as long as they don’t relinquish the water- cause your see the water needs to be inside of the stones to heal back to its original form from what they have done to it and they are on lockdown because we will not release them until they bring back the water.

So, it’s a tug of war isn’t it?


So now we understand the reason why you have kept them locked in, what are they doing back; what are they doing to this earth?

They are trying to destroy it.

For what purpose?

Spite and power. To kill us so that we cease to exist which, will never happened which, they know.

So why is it that she is feeling this block, what does this block consist of?

She’s, a bit of a daredevil herself. She’s not going to go down softly. She puts up a really good fight, she’s not afraid of it. She’s been quite a trouble maker for them and so they’ve tagged her.

How have they tagged her?

When she was incarnating, I mean, she’s been tagged for lifetimes throughout dimensions- they fuck with her.

How are they tagging her, is it energetical or physical?

It’s energetical until she finds a mate and then they use the mate.

How do they use the mate?

They infiltrate his mind and turn the mate against her at the most vulnerable time.

Is that why she’s had situations in her life like that?

Yes. She’s known for a while, but she was trying to work through it- she doesn’t give up easily.

So, is there anything you can really work through it now that she understands it’s not the mate doing it?

She’s known for years. She has recently come to peace with the reality that is quite possible that she’s not to have a mate and this used to terrify her, but she has recently come to a very soft acceptance of this.

And this acceptance that she has, is that helpful in surviving this?

Yes. And not in this lifetime bearing a child.

Would they have done the same thing to the child?


Turn the child against her?

Yes. Exactly.

So, she actually knows to keep away from that, that they cannot access her mind that way.

Yes. Or her heart.

So, we now know she is not being used by a mate at this time, but why is it that everything is kind of disappeared from her life?

She is touching into an energy she had when she was twelve, before she reached or started puberty.

Tell me about this?

It is us. There is something very beautiful about human sexuality and there is something very distorted about human sexually. Before puberty hits, there is an energy that at least she had, that was directly connected to us.

Is this a pure energy?



Oh yes.

Is this the innocence of a child?

Yes. It’s the innocence of an extremely intelligent child who is connected off planet and knows it.

What happens with the sexuality?

Demons come in. Not always, but it’s one of their main doorways.

Is it that a child needs to be having sex, or is it just the puberty the hormones changes?

No, a child does not need to be having sex, but part of development is through puberty, and when that human being grows into puberty and begins having a sexual life, there is not enough care or understanding of what happens inter-dimensionally when there is human sexual involvement without the proper spiritual protection.

Can you explain to me how that happens?

Yes.  The electromagnetic field is not yet secure enough.  There might be – let’s call it impurities or addictive serotonin limpid brain activity that the person in the act of sex, while the spiritual containment has not yet been developed by the individual.  There is a seeping in – there’s a weakness in the limpid brain and it creates an addiction; an endocrine addiction.  And this is one way that the demons or archons or dracos – those, anyone who wants to come in and cohabitate on earth will do that through using a – what do they call that, host.

So. does this happen often with adolescence?


Is that why sometimes when you have a child and their personality changes after puberty, is it that they are being used?


So how can we protect our children from this; how do we make them aware?

Love them more. Love them organically. Let them experience an organic childhood away from the movie industry, the entertainment industry, the music industry, the technological industries. And what they are doing now is putting on those virtual googles on their physical heads- not good.

What happens when a child puts on those virtual googles?

The pineal gland gets hijacked. There is a... you see as we over there create our net and pulse their space ship, so that they release the water, they pulse earth with technology to steal the essence in the pineal gland.

Does that essence from the pineal gland make them stronger?


What does it do to those that have been robbed from that essence?

Something from them has been stolen that they even knew it existed.

The same as the water?

Yes. Exactly.

Once its been stolen can it be reactivated?

Once it is stolen it is used to... like no offense, but people that get injections of Botox, you can get an injected of pineal juice.

So that’s where it’s being stolen from?

That’s where it is going to. It gives them a juice, a high, it’s like heroin. It’s vampiristic.

But the pineal gland is something that is within the human body, and I know the human body is constantly regenerating cells every day, can a human regenerate the pineal gland essence?

It can, yes.

How can one do that once it’s been stolen?

Lifestyle change.

Can you give me an example of that lifestyle change?

Go back to pre-puberty. Go back to the innocence of the child that is love and live your life from there.

Without the doubts, without the judgement, without the hatred?

Without the confusion, without the sense of being lost, without the feeling of needing to accomplish, without the rat-race.

So, one of her questions is that she doesn’t feel she has any goals anymore, has something been done to put her in that state once again? 


So, it’s really not a problem.

She’s being protected.

Can we go further in to that, what is she being protected from?

Pain. She’s been through a lot and this may be the first time in her life, her human life that she is not suffering. You see, her human desires or made her an easy target. She doesn’t always give herself credit for what she does and the influence, the positive influence she has had. We activated her when she was nineteen years old.

How did you activate her?

We helped her remember. It was a traumatic time for her. We knew it would be overwhelming, but she asked for this.

Is this when you pulled her out of her body and took her to the ship.

Yeah. That was the nucleus of the experiences and the energy. We wanted her to know without a doubt that everything she experiences is real, and we wanted her to know that there is an incredible network of light and love that is still generated. She was part of our tribe she used to come into formation with us… she still does.

When she sleeps?

Yeah, She’s the warrior and for a very long, long time has been part of the formation that we create to go pulse the ship.

Is that why she says she always feels amphibian?


What kind of being is it that she is?

She’s a male. Blue.  It’s that blue skinned, it’s like a blue snake that feels glittery, but strong and its large scales that are blue and they emanate light.

So, when she is in that cave they generate their own light?


Is she emanating some of that light in her human form?


Is that what people feel from her?

It intimidates a lot of people, they don’t understand it.

When she’s emanating this light, is it coming out as a peaceful energy or the warrior?


So, they feel a conflicting energy.

We don’t feel it as a conflict. We are not afraid of unifying the two.

So, when she meets a person is she peaceful or they have to be careful they don’t steal from her?

Hell, yeah or from others. They don’t steal period- from anyone. Not just from her, from her -  it’s beyond her.

So, you have but her in to a different mode now, she says right now while she did feel much stronger when she was in her twenties. That’s when she was…

We were inside of her.

And what happen now, she says she feels so naïve as a human?

We stepped outside of her.

Oh, okay.

Because when we are inside of her we will draw to her opponents. It’s the relationship we have to the ship.


So, when we are in her body and living with her, the opponents that are on planet earth - that are inside of other people come to her, and this is fine as a teaching tool and a lesson for healing but she’s tired.

Well she feels sometimes she’s just going to disappear.

Um-hmm. She could.

What is that feeling caused by?

Her shape-shifting abilities.

At one moment she’s her and another she’s not.

In her physical life, yes. She’s a shape-shifter on earth.

How does she shape-shift on earth?

That’s why she lives alone, cause when nobody is watching she can be different things. She’s free to… the amphibians are shape-shifters. That’s how they love, that’s how they express themselves, that’s how they create they become different things. That’s how they make love to themselves. They shape-shift in to different things. It’s very exhilarating, it’s very intimate, it’s very scary for people that are not familiar with it.        

Does she have any that accompany her, because she feels others that are with her when she sleeps cuddling her when she sleeps, who is it?

She thinks they’re her spirit guides that have formed in to her very loving, beautiful male partners that share her bed with her in a non-sexual way, which is very significant. But in an absolutely, divinely loving and emotionally supporting way. You see, the amphibian creatures that we are, we are… we do not need to have sex. We can have sex with ourselves, which is the highest spiritual shape-shifting rite of passage. We don’t use another for that. We have that ability within ourselves, and we can be different genders depending on our emotional state.

So, who’s with her, is it herself?

It is people, humans that she has known. But, may not have met in this lifetime. It is other souls walking on earth that are also traveling in the astral that she knows very, very deeply even though she may not- she may have, but she may not have met them physically in this incarnation. One of them is a twin, her twin that is a male, that one is her neighbor, one of us to come give her companionship without breaking any laws.

Now these people that have come to accompanying her, these souls, can they be living in bodies now?

Yes. But they don’t have to, but they can.

Do they know they are doing that? 


Okay. So, it’s just their astral bodies?


Okay, good. Now she’s entering her second half of her life and this shape-shifter has always been able to shift in whatever direction, why is it she is not shifting now? She does not know what direction to go in to.

The integration that is happening to her now is so profound. The physical fact that in her physical body there is no longer the emotional vibrational of panic for the first time in her life. She is healing at a cellular level a lifetime, lifetimes of emotional attack. As a human being in this life time, this is the first time that in her body, her body is her vessel that allows her to shape-shift, this is the first time that the energy of panic no longer is in her; it is on its way out.

If it’s on its way out, why is it that she feeling sometimes fear, intensified when she thinks of tsunami’s and things like that? What’s going on with that?

Residual. Like backlash, backsplash, in lives she has lived on earth and other places in human form, human on earth and human on other planets.  There have been history of being swept out to sea by a tsunami which will parallel being swept in to a vortex in the astral planes.

Alright. Is that why she’s being something to, this vortex?

Yeah, it’s happening to everyone, it’s happening to planet.

So, is this void-like place the vortex we are talking about?


What happens when one travels into this vortex, what happens to your life?

System shutdown. The planet is being pulled through the fabric of this vortex and different people experiences it at different times, and not everyone experiences it or maybe everyone experiences but not everyone is aware of it. She’s made aware of it, she wants to be aware of everything, because she’s a communicator, she’s a teacher, she’s a messenger, she’s always been a messenger. She always tones, pulses, she always sends a pulse.

Which is what she’s doing to the other ship.

Yeah, she does that. She’s a pulse sender, she’s a toner, she’s a “sound made” sends out pulses.

So, as she is sending out these pulses, has everything stopped for her? Because she’s not getting the clients she was before, she’s kind of just stopped.

Well the pulsing happens forever. The stopping is because in her physical life right now - in order for her to go through this portal, you see fear cannot go through the portal, panic cannot go through the portal. So, the portal is a cosmic towel that’s wet and your twisting it and as your twisting it all the water comes out. That’s what’s happening and all the water now, maybe that was the wrong metaphor, but the water is in this example the fear, the panic, all that stuff in human psychology has to be released, it has to be run out. And when you are being run out there is- this is a pre-requisite for entering the vortex.

How long does it take you to go through the vortex?

It depends how much you resist.

So, if you just flow with it allow things to go, you’ll go through it quickly?


We’ve been talking about the fact that for me last month everything stopped. No emails, no correspondence, no activity. Is this the vortex we are talking about?


What’s on the other side?

Where there is stages, it’s ribbed. There are stages to it. It’s like a tunnel, the vortex turned in to a tunnel that has different ribs.

So, as we get to another ribbed of this vortex, what happens? Is there heighten activity once again?


Do you think shift as your next tunnel?

Oh yes. The more you get rung out, the more that you’re in the tunnel you receive.

What do we receive from that tunnel?

Yourself. Your alignment, your report card, your mission statement, your companions, your next launch.

So, what is it that we need to know about today, what is her next launch, is it still related to astrology and healing?

Always. It will always be intertwined with astrology and healing.

What about all that work that she’s been doing, all that teaching on anatomy of healing.  Is that part of it or will that be changing?

That will be changing.

Why has that become stagnant in the form she had it before?

She’s been beating the same drum and she’s recognized that she herself has changed. And so her drumbeat has to change as you were mentioning to her.

The frequency of it?

Yes. But, what holds her back when is that when she changes she has the misbelief that she’s changing because there has been a failure. So, she stays attached to not have a failure. She doesn’t realize though there is a part of her human- her humanness that doesn’t realize how much she changes and how it doesn’t have to be a failure, but to her it is a failure.

So, it would be like a butterfly how it goes in one way and the chrysalis then changes its form?

Yes, she’s very attached being a caterpillar.

Why does she need to be a caterpillar all her life when she can fly, she already knows she can fly in formation?

She’s tired and her heart has been wounded.

Can we work on that wounded heart today?


Alright. So, what I’d like to do is let’s do a scan on her body and see where these wounds are. Where are we seeing the wounds, the shadows, the darkness, the pinching, where is this?

Between her lungs and her heart.

So, let’s take a look at that energy lodged in between her heart and her lungs and let’s see what that energy is. Is this an energy she created, or attached to her?

It’s an energy that she experienced.

Alright, so let’s identify that energy?

It’s an energy that she has experienced and that she witnesses in human relationships.

Why is it that she’s keeping this lodged in there like a souvenir, why does she like it so much?

Well in her history when she has released it just comes back.

Let’s find out what it’s made out of?

It’s a fist.

It’s a fist, alright so let’s find out...

It’s the emperor’s fist.

Why does she have the emperor’s fist lodged between her heart and her lungs, why does she like having this fist there so much?

She doesn’t like it

Why does she keep it, it’s her body? What’s this fist doing for her?

It was given to her it as a gift, it was supposed to be a gift.

Alright, so let’s find out who gave her the gift?

The emperor.

The emperor. And what was the emperor wanting her to have that fist for?

To not forget him.

Alright. So, let’s find out if she needs that gift anymore. I’m going to count from three back to one…when we get to number one let’s go to that moment when that gift was given… three, two, one- be there now. See the emperor before you.

He looks barbaric. Looks barbaric a lot of- it’s like with one of those fits and forearms that’s in one of those medal things that warriors go out with, an armor.

And what do you look like there before the emperor?

A beautiful woman.

And what role do you play for this emperor?

I am the apple of his eye - in his mind.

In his mind, how do you feel about him?

I don’t like him.

What has he done to you?

He’s tried to own me.

So, I’d like for you now to address this emperor and find out?

It was a jewelry he gave me to put around my neck.

Alright. Did you accept this jewelry?

I had to.

Alright. And what happened to this body deteriorated, what happen to this gift?

It was buried in my tomb.

And what was attached to this?


Is this a gift you want to keep?

No, it was never a gift.

Alright, you have free will.

Its green, he got it when he went to Asia.

What was attached to that, see it.

A curse.

But you see there is a funny thing about gifts and accepting things, if you don’t accept it who does that gift belong to?

My head would have been cut off.

But your head still has deteriorated hasn’t it? So, I want you to go back to that time once again and I want you to bring out now your own strength, and I want you to tell the emperor how you feel about his gift and his curse. Speak to him, bring out that warrior in you.

I do not want your gift I do not want you.

Take a deep breath in – Emperor, what do you say back?

I am the emperor. You will do as I say,

Take a deep breath in - What do you say back to the emperor?

No. I do not accept your gift, nor do I accept you.

Take a deep breath in - Emperor what do you say back?

I will mute you and cut your tongue out.

And if you do that emperor, what does that do for you? You still won’t have her. What is it that you really want, emperor? What is it that you really want from her?

I want her to look at me with love.

Do you truly believe that by cutting her tongue, and giving her a gift of ownership that she will love you?

I do not want anyone else to have her.

But you will never get that love, tell me emperor why is it that you are lacking so much love?

I’m a fighter, we do not love.

So, if you’re a fighter and you do not love how do you expect to receive it back?

Command it!

That’s not love.

That’s how we command it.

That’s obedience.

I understand.

Obedience is not... Emperor do you want to feel true love?  You have that within you. Do you want me to show you were that love is hidden? Do you want to feel that love that you are asking from her? It’s very simple, you had it hidden all along and you didn’t know it was there. Emperor, there is a light in your heart that you have muted out, it’s always been there. This is the light of Creator. This is the greatest love there is. Find that light within your heart now.

Yes, my mother had it for me.

Expand that light, Emperor. Feel that love once again. Feel it, expand it even more. You say that warriors do not love, but you have love. Feel that love within you. This is the love you’re looking for. Now look at this woman in her eyes using that love.

She has the universe in her eyes.

And you have the universe in your heart. She is just a reflection; a mirror to your heart now that you have that light. You don’t need her love, you already have it. Expand it out Emperor. And now she has something she wants to return to you. She wants to give it back to you with love, will you accept it back knowing that you have now that love within you?

The jade necklace, yes. Accepted.

And with that love in your heart, will you now set her free?


Very good. Take a deep breath in and now I’d like for you to address the Emperor, telling him and thanking him and forgiving him for not knowing any better.

I understand you didn’t know any better and you were doing just what you knew what to do. I release you in love. Thank you.

And now I’d like for you to look at that inside your heart, I’d like for you to give me all that energy that you’ve been holding. Give me all that energy and let’s send it to the universe for healing. Remove all that poison and send it up to God. Let’s remove that memory. And now I’d like for you to detach yourself from that lifetime. Completely detach and give a look at what’s inside of your heart now. How does it look?

More like a caterpillar going in to a chrysalis.

Very good.  Take a scan at the rest of your body, and as you do that we are going to fill that heart with beautiful light from Source, healing it as this chrysalis forms in to something that will be evolving, changing and coming out as something beautiful. Take a look at the rest of the body and see if there is anything else there that’s holding you back?

No, I don’t see anything holding me back.

Very good.

I do see the amphibian legs.

Why is it that it is important for her to see those amphibian’s legs?

She loves her amphibian legs.

Describe them for me?

They’re strong and flexible, and they can walk and swim and fly.

So how is she going to use these amphibian legs now, in this 3D life? How can she use it?

She has a twin brother, it’s his legs.

Why is her twin brother’s legs here?

Because he can’t be here and the rest of her can’t be there.

Okay. Is that affecting her in anyway in this life?

It’s making her a little weird?

If this something that they both chose?


Okay. Is her brother able to help her in this 3-D life?


Because we understand that if she is reminded of her amphibious ways she knows she can fly, she can move forward. So how can we move her through this vortex to where she now knows her vision?

She’s a story teller. With her words she brings other realities to the vision of others here on earth. This is why she is so good at astrology. She story tells, and she brings other realities to life.

Will she be using her story telling more in different ways?


So, what is the purpose now of all these things that she has been studying in her life; the  Barbara Brenner School of healing, the path work, the massage?

That’s all her past.

Alright. So, what does she need to do with all of that now?

Let it all go.

Okay. What is her path now?

To be some type of story teller that, storytelling it that when she story tells there is an incredible healing that happens in the cerebral cortex of the people listening. You see, because the amphibian planets they hum, they tone and has they tone, visions crystalize, and she has this gift. This is why she has the incision on her neck right now because there was an implant there that was inhibiting- it had to be removed.

Has she had other implants removed with the via of the cancer?

Yes. And her forehead several years ago she had a skin melanoma that was removed; she’s been under a lot of attack?

Is this how the implants where going to be taken out?


Via this cancer?


So, are the cancer cells actually pushing them out?

Correct. They are pushing them out in to physical reality so that the surgeon can cut them out.

Very good, so they are helping.


And would you tell her what her tattoos mean?

They are part of her shape shifting skin. And her amphibian heritage their skin glistens and changes color and self-illuminates. And tattooing her body with spiritual scripture was the best way she could embody that ability her on earth.

Anything else about them?

They are prayers of protection.

Do they help?

They do.

Very good. Now, she did have the abductions in Mexico when she was taken on the ship, can you tell me more about that? Go ahead and be there. I’m going to count five back to one. When I get back to number one you will see that and very clearly. Five, making it clearer and clearer, four, three, two and one- clearing it up?

The part of the ship she was on was a receiving room, which it was a pretty large room.  There were hundreds of people up there. They visit here often and there are different types of amphibians around the galaxies and the blue people, the blue beings they are of long sinew humanoid form not quite as dense as physical form and they are the guardians of this mother ship.

What do they look like besides being blue?

Well they are of blue hues. They’re blues, turquoise, violets and pinks and greens, and they will communicate by shifting their color, this is how they communicate with one another.

Okay. The color is like a language to them?

It’s an emotional language, yes. This is their form of communication is telepathic and the way they express their emotions is by looking at the color that they are emanating and the fluidity of their bodies.

And do they look human?

They have humanoid shape, but they’re not human. They have a head and four appendages and a torso- their appendages are a lot longer than humans.

And they are in command of this ship?

They are the guardians of the ship.


They monitor the pressure of the torus field that is generating the orbs of light that come to the suns. The suns in the solar systems - of the solar systems. They orchestrate the flying formation of the orbs out of the mothership into the different solar system and their suns.

So, are they doing anything with our sun?


What are they doing?

Collecting data.

Who did he sun look, how are we doing?

Well, on track. The sun is- you think the earth is a big classroom, the sun is a humongous meeting area.

Who meets in the sun?

Everyone. Everyone that has permission.

Can you tell me more about this sun?

It’s an ancient, ancient, ancient soul… you cannot understand with a human mind what is happening in the sun. There is no thinking, there is no polarity, there are no words… imagine the sun, imagine the intensity of the sun spread throughout eternity. There is no breath, there is no life, there is not death. It is all sunlight. It is gold, white with waves of patterns. Like you see wind has- if you can see wind you would see the patterns of the winds and the molecules of the air. It is like the cosmic ocean that is the sun. It is a portal.  It is connected to all the suns- all the suns are connected.

Now, when we think of the sun we think of heat.

No. There is no heat, there is no coldness, there is no breath, there is no life, there is no death. It is a continuous matrix of a wind wave that is gold and white, and it is highly intelligent.

So, when we receive the light, the sun, are we receiving something from it?

Yes. This is how you remember… if the sunlight can reach your pineal gland through your eyes and your skin then that internal sun wave can move through your spine and into your DNA.

Is that why we have been wearing sunglasses and sunscreen to keep us from that information?

Yes. And the chemtrails to deflect the light away.

What is it that they are so afraid of?


What happens when our DNA is changes by the sun?

We’re freed from- we are free to go back to the sun for eternity, and eternity is a split second.              

So, we are held captive here by not being able to access that information? Is that it?

We can access information, but we are accessing it at such a low percentage.

And very low frequency.


So, what would be the best suggestion for those wanting to access the sun?

See it in your minds eye… close your eyes and see it every day in your mind’s screen envision... this is her work she uses her vocal cords to create the images for people to see it.

So even if someone is not in the sun, if they imagine it?

The practice is to close our eyes and envision the golden light in your mind screen and then seeing yourself in all of creation, riding and flying the wave of the sun through eternity which is also a split second. The visual exercise of doing this regularly will activate your internal sun. You see yourself flying through and into and through the sun which turns into an internal landscape and you catch the sun’s wave- the sun’s wind, you catch the internal wind, the breeze of the sun inside the sun and you allow your internal mind screen to be that and your pineal gland will remember.

And once we remember that, what does that eternal sun inside of us, what will that do for us?

Being us back to our innocence.

Is this the work she was told that she needs to do this?


She needs to teach this?

Yes. She needs to help people come back to the sun.

So, this is the life work she needs to do now?

Yeah. Through her voice, through meditation, through hypnosis, through whatever.

That’s why she’s been stopped and blocked and put inside a chrysalis?


She needs to do this work?

She needs to understand the importance of pre-puberty innocence in the DNA of adults, and how to help adults… adults come back to this together, because this is the same energy that the formation of the amphibians used to pulsate the ship. And this is what humanity can use to pulsate itself right back in to the sun.



So, this is what she has been holding space for?


Wonderful! Will she be staying in the United States to do this or will she be going back to Mexico?

Aww Mexico! They are the land of the sun. They have some karma with the sun- the Mayans, the Aztecs, as all do cultures all over the universe and galaxies. But there is very powerful energy for her in Mexico, this is where she was abducted and it’s not abduction it’s the wrong word. This is where she went to go be informed.

Is this that why she was allowed to see these scientists sending these orbs in to the sun?


It was kind of pre-planned?



And they collect the data from the orbs that go to the sun, the communication is a two-way form of communication. They track us by tracking our relationship to the sun.

Okay. So, when we talk about our high vibration, is the vibration the actual connection with the sun?

Yes. The breeze, the- the… it’s not the sun as we see is like round or flat, this is an eternal landscape that is in a constant breeze or wave that is the frequency of the sun for eternity.

That’s beautiful. How does the sun relay to Gaia, to earth? Is there a connection?

He loves earth. He’s always loved earth. They are lovers.

Is there anything you’d like to say about that connection?

He is waiting for her, he is waiting for her to go through her transformation that he is assisting her in.

Is she also going through this vortex?

Oh yeah. She is being pulled by the sun through a magnetic fabric and as – she’s like the marble that is being pulled through the fabric, and as her weight catapults through the fabric all of creation is going through that with her. And a lot of the beings and things are not happy they do not want to go through the portal, they want to stay as they are.

What happens when we get to the other side?

We are in the sun. We are in the land of the sun. This is where the higher octave, the higher octave civilizations live.

Is it the same shape or form that we have here on earth now?

In physical form?

What kind of form is there on the other side?

There is no physical form. There is expression, but it is- you have egos in stages so physical humans are physically dense, amphibians begin to be shape shifters and gender shifters, they start to illuminate their own light on their skin. Then you move in to the guardians of the torus field that are still in human form- they are humanoid but not physical density and they express themselves by their luminous and radius and then the next tier, the tiers keep moving up in to light, orbs and light, clouds of light, clouds light of color that move and change and elongate or thicken or wisp or become crystallin or become gas or  become arrows or streaks.

Now, we’ve heard that the earth is going to be changing in to a new earth, is this what we are talking about or is it something else?

It’s something else. It’s something else that is aware of what the earth is going through. The earth herself, the earth herself you could say also needing to go back to pre-puberty. We need to go back -we need to go forward to go back, so when we say go back there is never a going back. We need to move forward and expand out and re-value innocence.

So, are we talking about the innocence of the planet?

We are talking about the innocence of creation. Yes, the planet.

Is the planet changing it’s form in a different type of dimension or place; how is that happening moving forward to regain this innocence?

She is innocent, we aren’t. So, what happens to the earth is a beautiful mirror of the degree of our lack of innocence. As we rescind our perversions, our abuse, her reflection will match that and that is the new earth.

So, that is why so many are here now with different frequency more connected to change this?

Um-hmm. She is a magician. She is a mirror. She has made a soul contract to be the place where we meet our darkness through her, by our action- through our action. As soon as we re-value the lack of our perversions and abuses, she will mirror that back to us and that is the new earth.

That makes sense

And the sun is helping her by acceleration. Electromagnetic, he has been sending souls here, all the souls here.

Are these new souls that are coming here?


These innocent souls?

Yes. These are the young kids that are not… they call themselves asexual, they wonder why they are asexual. Not that there is anything wrong with human sexuality, but we have perverted its purpose. That was part of the Akron and Draconian. In our opinion amphibian sexuality is the highest in terms of spiritual alignment.

Now, you have mentioned again the Draconian, what do we need to know?

They love perversion, they love abuse, so people find themselves in perverted, abusive adult relationships of one way or another. It is lesser vibrational influence that will keep you away from achieving access to the sun.

Ok, so we need to find our way out of that on our own?

You find your way by reconnecting to the innocence within, pre-puberty.

Now, was there any type of timeline shift this past summer, did anything happen?

This is when, for her or the planet?

For either, we are talking about her now.

Yes. This is when she accepted without realizing it her role.

And what kind of a timeline is she on now?

She’s on a solar timeline and that is her lover.

So, can you show her an idea of what she should being doing now, now that she is a lover of the sol?

She’s is going to help speak his language through soundtracks, what you call soundtracks- meditation soundtracks that are going to be guarded by the guardians of the torus field.

Is this something she’s going to broadcast?


Does she need to go to school for this?

She doesn’t need to go to school for anything.

But she will be doing more broadcasting?

She will be doing more broadcasting.  She can go to school if she wants to, but she will find herself disappointed.

She already knows this stuff?

Not that she knows the technical side; the school will teach her many third dimensional things. We will help her connect to sound engineers that are already in the field that will be more than happy to collaborate with her on these projects.

Ok, good…good

She doesn’t need to do it all by herself.

She can delegate it.


Share it. She told me that she tasted death.  Why is that?

Because death is inevitable, and it was the death of the prior timeline. She has died in a certain reality, she had ceased to exist.

So, who is this one that is here before me, is this a new and improved version?

This is the one that has always been. This is who she was when she was twelve years old, before…before she was susceptible to attacks in this physical life. You see, she was under the radar until she was twelve.

Who had her under the radar?

She was protected. You see, in human development sexuality - because it is not protected by spirituality in human development. You see, look at your media - there is perversion of sexuality everywhere it is accepted. Look at the pedophilia rings, look at the…. Was at a soul level an agreement. She’s always had an agreement to expose darkness. Sexuality, the rape we know why little boys and little girls are raped, and it is he most vile form of soul assault. Human sexuality was meant to be the most sacred union of soul. This has been under attack by the Draco’s, the draconians, who think they are Lords of the universes and the galaxies and of worlds, but they are not.  They never have been everything they create is an illusion of darkness. Unfortunately, they are very good at what they do- at lying and conceiving of lies and infiltrating these lies into the mass media market and unfortunately humans have been gullible and have lost their innocence and are therefore susceptible to the invasion.

So, what now?

People are going to be rung out and awakened and shaken. There have been so many signs and so many signals and so many opportunities for humanity to turn around, and humanity will turn around, but it’s going to come now as a jolt, in each individual life. It is not necessary a mass jolt, it is not about fear. It is about internal- when the desire inside is so strong to awaken, to no longer feel pain, to no longer need to numb out, to no longer need to escape, to no longer need to lie. When the desire inside one human being is so strong to no longer live this Draconian lie that person will awaken with a jolt. There is no mass event that is going to come and shake the earth into destruction, no. Yes, things are happening, yes, climate is changing, that is because the sun is ramping it up. As the sun ramps up its energy that continuous eternal landscape that is the sun’s breath becomes the reality here.

Many wonder if there is going to be earthquakes, tsunamis?

There are. It’s not that there is going to be, there are. There are earthquakes and tsunamis right now. It is happening.

Will there be more?

Yes. To the same degree that is happening now. There is no meteor that is going to hit the earth. There is no - there is no nuclear weapon that is going to be permitted. That, we can guarantee you.

Is someone helping with that?


So, from those that are watching and protecting the earth, what message do you have for humanity?

Look at the sun. Because the landscape that is the eternity of the breath of the sun is going to come upon the earth. And lies, and distortion of truth, and absurdity, and abuse, and vileness will be squashed by the frequency of the sun permeating human consciousness on the planet.

That’s beautiful, thank you.

Now, I’d like to ask why Magali was brought here?

She wanted to meet you and we wanted her message to get on to your channel.

Beautiful. Is there anything else that I could have asked that I didn’t that you would like to say at this time?


Very good. Thank you very much for your assistance here today.

We thank you.

Are we complete?

Yes, we are.


How does that feel?



Oh yeah.

Let’s switch up those stones. Wow, what a journey!

Oh, I love my amphibian family.

How did you feel?


Now you understand? Does everything make sense? Wow, so much information.

Oh, my goodness. Wow!

How long do you think this journey was? What did it feel like to you?

45 minutes?

We are close to... we are now at 1:57 minutes, close to two hours. Amazing.

Oh, I love those amphibians. Oh my God they are so amazing.

Now, do you see how everything was just perfect? Everything was explained, you went on that ship just to eavesdrop, just to get information to tell the world.

It sounds just like me.

Unbelievable. So, is this something you want to share?

Yeah. It’s the purpose.

It seems to be your mouth piece with this information.

The hum of, the pulse, that’s what they do…


Thank you.

You did fantastic. Amazing! Wow!


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