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Tesi's Testimonial

I was fortunate enough to have a long-awaited hypnosis session with Alba recently and "WOW", it certainly did not disappoint. Anyone thinking about signing up for a session - I would absolutely recommend it. It took me years to get an appointment with Alba but please know, when the time is right, your session with Alba will come.

My session with Alba not only covered a lot of personal issues which made me realized that "divine timing" is giving me a kick in the butt and telling me it is time to finally deal with certain issues in my life, her session also provided the answers to so many questions I had - so thank you Alba for putting focus on my path ahead!

During my hypnosis session with Alba, she also opened my eyes to another aspect of me. I started drawing a few years ago, out of the blue to be honest, having not drawn before, and I could never figure out where my drawings of these "creatures" were all coming from. Well, now I know...

And with that, I would like to extend an invitation to you all to please feel free to have a look at my website www.snailpunk.co.uk; where you will find the story of my drawings, encapsulated in what I call "The Walk".

"The Walk" was fueled by an incredible vivid dream, that sparked a journey of an exploratory walk. Within this dream I received the gift of an egg - a seed, which I was meant to plant, and from it, love and peace would grow.

We are here to learn; we are here to explore, and we are here to share our journey.

Alba, thank you for facilitating not just my journey, but so many others and for planting your own seeds of love and peace.


With all my love,