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Rife Frequencies

A "Rife machine" is a research instrument invented by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. A Rife machine is a electronic device which generates energy in the form of radio waves. The rate at which these energy pulses are emitted is called 'frequency', or cycles per second. (measured in 'Hertz') These frequencies are then applied through a plasma tube to an individual with the intent of bettering the individual's health. They are used to try to influence the body in making chemical changes for better health. Rife proved you could even kill unwanted organisms that thrive within us by using these frequencies to devitalize them, without causing harm to healthy cells and tissue. 

Disclaimer:  This is an experimental device and does not claim to cure anything.

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Testimonial for Remote Rife Session: "On the client side of this remote session I placed my laptop in front of the place I was laying down with the laptop screen facing me via a Zoom call. The client in prep for the session drinks plenty of water and I always remove any metal or jewelry. I can feel the frequency pretty quickly start to focus on the areas it’s program to work. I typically will listen to music or 528 hz frequency music or read a book. Session can last 60-90minutes. Each session is very relaxing and I have had 100% success with my past sessions since 2020, over three years now.  I had tested positive for a certain virus plus had tonsillitis. In this specific session pictured here I felt results within minutes and I my breathing was no longer labored. Breathing was free flowing within first few minutes and my enlarged tonsils were reduced back to a normal size by that evening. On a separate session back in 2020, this same machine was able to heal my body free of parasites ( 3 different types) within two sessions." ~ Sharon