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My spiritual awakening began in the mid 1980’s when I read a book by Shirley McLaine called “Out on a Limb”. I was then drawn to the Seth Material and read many books by Ruth Montgomery about her gift of Automatic Writing. I also wanted to connect to the spirit world so on one evening in 1987, I meditated with a pad of paper on my lap and pen in my hand and that’s when it all began.

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Discover how the

Power of Hypnosis

is helping to spiritually awaken people all over the world!

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IAIH Certified Hypnotherapist (Clinical & Transpersonal)

I studied with the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and received a certification in Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in 2016. This 500-hour program trained me on the concepts that relate to the field of regressive hypnotherapy, including accelerated healing methods, pain management, the practice of past-life regression therapy and other more esoteric concepts including; trance induction and deepening to access past-life memories, processing past-life information, working with the inter-life space, working with guides/higher wisdom, processing unresolved karma and integrating new understandings into the present life situation.

Introspective Hypnosis

This method of regressive hypnotherapy was developed by Aurelio Mejia from Medellin, Colombia, who has over 20 years of experience and has treated thousands of clients with amazing results.  (aureliomejia.com)  Introspective Hypnosis is a technique for the treatment of psychological disorders such as phobias, fears, sorrows, anorexia, bulimia, low self-esteem, insecurity, migraines, obesity, obsessions, quit smoking, obesity and allergies. I was mentored by Aurelio Mejia in Colombia.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) is a hypnosis technique created by Dolores Cannon.  Some people might better understand the term "Past Life Regression", and that is exactly how QHHT® started, with exploration of Past Lives. Some people experience Future Lives, Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets, Lives in Other Dimensions. Some people visit the Spirit side or find themselves in the Akashic Records and still others visit the Temple of Healing. QHHT® focuses on the concept that the client will go to "the most appropriate time and place" to address any requests for healing or information.

I began my hypnosis career practicing as a Level 2 QHHT® practitioner but I now use skills and techniques as a certified hypnotherapist. What you see me do in my sessions is not QHHT®.

If you would like to become a QHHT® Practitioner, click here. 

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What's the difference between QHHT® and Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness™ session?

TVP (Terapia Vidas Pasadas) aka Past Life Therapy

TVP (Past Life Therapy) is a transpersonal technique taught by Dr. Jose Lis Cabouli, who resides in Spain.  It consists of bringing to the habitual consciousness the hidden traumatic experiences of this life and of previous existences and that from the shadow of the subconscious are disturbing our current life, to work them therapeutically.

TVP is a therapy of the soul because the pains are in the soul, and it is the soul that needs to be healed. The cause of every psychic pain, of every behavior and of every wrong attitude lies in the soul.

By facilitating the conscious encounter with the soul, TVP not only helps us to resolve the pains and emotions that disturb us in our daily life, but also leads us to understand the meaning, the reason, and the importance of this life.