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Group Regressions Outdoors with Alba Weinman

If you live in Florida within 100 miles of Gainesville and have a large backyard, farm or venue where you have room to safely fit a large group of people (20 minimum) and their cars, you can schedule a group regression and chakra balancing session with Alba Weinman.  Your guests would pay Alba directly via a link provided by the host or you can choose to open it to the public and set a limit.  Each guest would bring their own lawn chair, pillow, covering, sunscreen and insect repellant.  By presenting a drivers license, Alba will rent you a headset to be used during the sessions. These headsets allow you to set up your lawn chair anywhere on the grounds and still hear everything perfectly.

If the host can provide access to a kitchen, the guests could be asked to bring a pot luck snack to share and socialize after the regressions.  To book a group regression, a minimum of 20 guests would be required. A maximum of 75 guests can be accommodated.

Contact Alba for more information and details.

What's included?

  • A Welcome package from Alba
  • Chakra Balancing using Tuning Fork vibrations (1st - 9th chakras)
  • Two group hypnosis sessions to visit past lives
  • Opportunity to spend time with Alba
  • Please note that this is not a private one-on-one session