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Hypnosis Training (Recommendations)

I do not teach hypnosis, nor do I mentor others or take on interns. For those wanting to learn hypnosis, here are classes to consider:

INTROSPECTIVE HYPNOSIS from Antonio Sangio, who is an excellent teacher. This extensive class teaches hypnosis from the basics to resolve issues from this life and past lives; traumas, phobias, lost soul attachments, deceased loved ones, etc. For more information: Antonio Sangio Courses  (I use these techniques but most are edited out of my YouTube videos)  Introspective Hypnosis Classes

QHHT: Dolores Cannon created this hypnosis method. Visit QHHT Training. That link takes you to my personal referral page. Use the coupon code: TRINITY for 10% off the cost of the Level 1 class. It tells them that Alba sent you. (I do not facilitate QHHT sessions.)

BQH: Candace Craw-Goldman created this heart-based method which focuses upon a creative, energetic approach to assist clients in self-healing. For more information: Beyond Quantum Healing Apply my coupon code: WouldALBA10 for 10% off the cost of the class. (I have not been trained nor facilitate BQH sessions.)

INSTITUTE OF INTERPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY I was certified as a hypnotherapist with 500 hours from this school. For more information: Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy

TVP or (Past Life Therapy):  Terapia de Vidas Pasadas is a transpersonal technique taught in Spanish by Dr. Jose Lis Cabouli. and is also being taught in English by Antonio Sangio to his Introspective Hypnosis students as an advanced course.  I was trained and am certified to use these techniques in my practice. It consists of bringing to the consciousness, the hidden traumatic experiences of this life and of previous existences that are disturbing your current life.  TVP is a therapy of the soul because the pains are in the soul, and it is the soul that needs to be healed.  TVP Classes and workshops in Spanish