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Newsletter Mailing List

My next newsletter will contain appointments for online computer hypnosis sessions.  Please check back for the next mailing date.

To book an appointment with me, you'll need to subscribe to my newsletter which is sent via email whenever I have available appointments.  The newsletter is sent out in English and Spanish so be sure to select the correct language.  Once you receive my email, it will contain a link (or links) to calendars where I'll be facilitating my sessions. Once the sessions are booked, the calendars will not show any dates or times. 

There is no waiting list.  If there are any cancellations and there is ample time, I'll send out an email to everyone on the mailing list.  If the cancellation is a few days before the session, an email will be sent to those who live in close driving proximity to the city in which the session will be held.

Click here to sign up to my Newsletter

If you receive a confirmed appointment, please check your email a few weeks and then again, a few days prior to your appointment date for any changes, updates or information that we need to relay to you.

Tips on how to get an appointment:
1. Be sure that we have a client card on you. That means that you've contacted us before via my website (albaweinman.com) and we have your information already.
2. Know the date and time the newsletter will be mailed out. It will be listed on this page.
3. Don't rely on your phone's email notification. Open up the actual app for your e-mail provider (i.e. Gmail app) and refresh your browser. (Even better - use a laptop with a fast internet connection)
4. You will need to have an active PayPal account. Have your payment information ready.
5. Use  the power of visualization to see yourself successfully booking a session and let the Universe handle the details.