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Christina Martin's Testimonial

It took me a really long time to watch my session, I was dreading it actually. Instead it was very healing to watch and lead me to important answers. So much in my head I didn’t say out loud though WOW.

I now understand why I was feeling so strange/off after my session, questioning myself. All I had to do was watch my session and everything came pouring in. Another lesson for me in procrastination. One that actually is starting to alleviate that, as well as the healing that I got from your session Alba.

I need to clarify a part of my session that gave me great confusion and I’m hoping you’ll let me write a comment that you pin on my video because I think it’s important for people who are watching who want to have a session.

I’m very clairaudient, a lot of different information coming in that I realized I did not say. Random words popping in my head. I can literally see on my face - my reactions to certain confusing things that were coming in for me, as well as the stress of not immediately being visual, which disturbed the flow.

I knew that the life as the miner and the life of the girl in the plane crash was certain, I could feel it deeply.  I even knew I was a younger female. But words and phrases were just coming in, and I wasn’t able to stream the details together.

I couldn’t grasp the lifetime of the miner and the time frame, until I watched the session and when that part came up my clairaudience immediately came in.

 “Chernobyl” was repeated to me, which then triggered my remembrance of that same word coming through while in my session

 but I didn’t say it out loud.  To be honest I didn’t know anything about that until I looked it up while watching my session.

As soon as I did, I got the flood of knowing and it linked me effortlessly to all I needed to know. I was a miner at Chernobyl, and I died in 1986. The last day of my life I could not see, only feel.  With random words coming to me.

What was confusing is that my children still seemed somewhat young, not adults, and I didn’t seem that old based on my knowing, but I truly felt old. And that was because I had acute radiation syndrome and that’s how I died.  And part of the abandonment was because I died while my children were still younger.

I also got divinely and effortlessly lead to my life dying in the Pan Am flight. It was the life before the miner.  I found the flight, that was in fact en route to New York, and I found my actual self.  Obituary picture and all.  I was an 18-year girl from Preston England.

It’s funny, I used to talk in English accent when I was kid, my mom thought I was such a weirdo and my best friend is British. I get it now. Astounding stuff.... All of the synchronicities and healing that has been slowly unfolding since my session.

And I truly did go deeper after I went to the bathroom and it was easier to channel/ start to see flashes of visions.

How this particular experience played out for me was important for my future as hypnotherapist, so, I can help others understand who might go into a session tensely like I did trying to control how I get the information.

My session was more of a map, a guide, and now almost a month later I realize TRULY therapeutic, and it unlocked a lot of my abilities.  had to have that session with you to clear the energies that were keeping me stagnant and in the dark to be able to truly do this.

I also found out another one of my guides is Kali ma and I’m able to channel her. Crazy. 

I want to have a comment pinned so I can share what I just did with you and help others understand their experience/future experiences, and how every session and person is different in the way they receive information, and just like what you said, stop trying to see, just know!! 

Through conversation with some of my North Carolina ladies and reading through other’s experiences, it’s common to go through what I did after your session and I want to try and help people understand that. My session was a map for my soul. And things are becoming so clear every second, Alba, I’m eternally grateful. 

Thank you so much. 

Love you. 

My website is: www.Therootofthesoul.com