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Interview with Candace Craw-Goldman (3-18-20)

When I returned from Peru in March, 2020, I sat down with Candace Craw-Goldman to do an interview for her Worldwide Regression Week series.  I was still buzzing from my experiences in Peru and when I watched this video, I noticed that my appearance had changed; lighter-colored eyes and my skin seemed to me like it was glowing.

Candace Craw-Goldman welcomes back Alba Weinman for Worldwide Regression Week 2020. Candace and Alba first met in Arkansas, when Alba traveled up from Florida to take Dolores Cannon's class shortly before her passing. Since then, Alba and her YouTube sessions of "Forgiveness" have been become well known in the spiritual community.

In this interview Alba talks much about her worldwide events she calls Gatherings. She relates some magical experiences she recently had in Peru with Blair Styra and "Tabaash", and announces a Gathering in Wichita Kansas in October of 2020!