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About the Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness

The Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness™ Hypnosis Session

We are all here on this planet with a purpose; a spiritual purpose.  Our souls choose the appropriate body, family and circumstances to be born into to help us accomplish what we need to do.

On this journey called life, we forget the reason we came here and that we are souls living a human experience.  We begin to get emotionally hurt, which can then lead to sadness, dis-ease and illness. During a Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness session, you go within and connect with your subconscious mind and to your divine wisdom; your soul, which remembers the reason you came here and your purpose.  During my sessions I focus on what your soul needs to heal.  If there are trapped emotions from traumas that created blockages in your body, they are identified, released and transformed to allow wellness to flow once again.  The act of forgiveness is powerful and allows you to finally let go of what has been holding you back so that you can finally move forward in your life.  It is a gift that you give to yourself.

What's the difference between QHHT and Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness™ session?