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Reflections on my Trip to Peru

On February 27th, 2020, I left Miami for a life-changing trip to Peru. After facilitating three sessions, my computer shut down and I could no longer get in. Although I had a Galaxy pad with me, it didn’t seem to work either. The rest of our group began to arrive in Lima and we scheduled to meet for dinner at Larcomar, a shopping center across the street from my Airbnb. Before I entered the restaurant, I heard a very loud and distinct voice in my head saying, “Your life will never be the same after this.” 

We spent a few days in Lima touring the city together and bonding and on the 5th of March, boarded the plane to Cusco, which has an elevation of 11,152 feet. The Gathering in Cusco took place two days later, with enough time for us to acclimate to the altitude. Before the gathering, I had a meeting with Blair Styra who channels a spirit named Tabaash. He also brought through another entity who told me that I was going to die on that trip and would be reincarnated. It surprised me that he was so blunt about it, but I accepted it and was ready. 

The Gathering was a beautiful experience, bringing souls together from all over the world to re-birth together. Blair channeled throughout the whole event and I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing whenever the other entity came through to do his teachings. Many were able to see their poignant past lives during a powerful exercise and the hypnotic regression in the afternoon was facilitated by me and the entity together, taking turns on deepening and guiding the group. It was so beautiful and seamless. 

After the Gathering, we began our 5-day tour of Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Each day, we bonded more and became One with each experience we had. I had a very personal and profound experience in which I felt as if the old me died and a new Alba had been re-born. During this trip, I was able to tap into the memories of the mountains (seeing through their eyes) and my hands became electrical, shooting out waves of energy that I had never felt before. Others began to see their past lives in Peru and begin to channel.

We experienced beautiful ceremonies, blessed by a shaman and spiritual teachers who walked with us during our time in Peru. Each of us experienced a transformation and are now adjusting to this new inner peace. We will never be the same.