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Reflections on my Trip to Peru

On February 27th, 2020, I left Miami for a life-changing trip to Peru. After facilitating three sessions, my computer shut down and I could no longer get in. Although I had a Galaxy pad with me, it didn’t seem to work either. The rest of our group began to arrive in Lima and we scheduled to meet for dinner at Larcomar, a shopping center across the street from my Airbnb. Before I entered the restaurant, I heard a very loud and distinct voice in my head saying, “Your life will never be the same after this.” 

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Your Life will Never be the Same

The good part of getting older is being able to reflect on different events and stages of your life and knowing that “this too shall pass”. 

I took a walk on the green-way of our apartment complex, the area full of grass and trees designated for walking and exercising dogs.  It’s where I go when I want to be with nature, to ground myself and sit under a large Ficus tree.  It’s a place where I can be still in nature.  During this time of isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak it was even quieter, without the sounds of the maintenance crew cutting grass and blowing leaves.  As I approached my favorite tree, I heard a dialogue begin in my head by saying, “Your life will never be the same.”  I had heard the same words last month but that’s another story. 

I realized that we were all collectively going through a major change and I remembered at the last time I went through a massive change. 

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